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Rome, Italy
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Finalmente dopo tanto camminare sei giunto nel mio Regno, entra pure, ma non dimenticare di portare rispetto. Ti aspetto solo vestita di mistero per portarti con me nel mondo della trasgressione............ Ma solo se sarai suddito, devoto e disciplinato... Sono amante della sottomissione maschile, sia psicologica che fisica. Amo dominare i miei schiavi, che seleziono con rigore. Dopodichè mi dedicher allo schiavo con passione ma allo stesso tempo con sadismo e raffinatezza. sono sui siti thedominationweb - '  themistressweb - bdsmfetishRoma
Lady Nightshade Lady Nightshade
Lady Nightshade
United Kingdom
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Ive always been an assertive, take charge kind of person; it just comes naturally to me. I know my own mind and I have an unrelenting tenacity when it comes to achieving my goals and getting what I want. Im forthright in my views and I tend to take a direct, head-on approach to problem solving. Ive been a Lifestyle Mistress on and off for more than 15 years, having first discovered BDSM at the age of 18. It felt so natural that I didnt initially realise that not everyone did it! BDSM and Female Domination have been a part of my life ever since. Its very much an inherent part of who I am. Please understand that I dont play at this. Dominance is a part of me, not just something I do. I offer sessions to select submissives, slaves, maso...
Lady Tora Lady Tora
Lady Tora
Duesseldorf , Germany
Contact Phone
My preferenes: * Erotic domination * Education soft till hard * Humiliation and submission * Longperiodeducation * Encagement/arresting * Absorbinggames * Verbal humiliation * Weight and clamps * Nippletorture * Longdistance education * Kidnapping * Chastity * Wrestling matches * Outdoor * Spanking * Wax and ice * Feet- stocking- and feeterotic * Trampling * Facesitting * Champagne and caviar * Ponyplay * Docplay * Vomitgames * Escorting (worldwide) * Finance Slavery
Madam X Madam X
Madam X
United Kingdom
Madam X is Toronto and Canada's most famous Domina and is back, better than ever. Madam X is the premier Mistress for your servitude, whether by membership to my website, videos, or in person session.
Madame Graf Madame Graf
Madame Graf
Duisburg, Germany
Contact Phone
Herzlich Willkommen Ich bin MADAME GRAF, eine erfahrene, geistreiche und verantwortungsbewusste reife Dame Anfang 50. Als dominante Frau zeige ich dir in privater Atmosphre wie viel Lust wir in deinem Schmerz erfahren knnen, sei es durch sanfte Schlge oder harte Hiebe. Oder ich zeige dir einfach wo dein Platz ist: konsequent, wirkungsvoll oder sanft bestimmend. Wenn du dich in meine Hnde begibst, werden wir gemeinsam einen Weg beschreiten, der uns beiden Lust und Freude bereiten soll. Natrlich werde ich auch auf deine Wnsche und Phantasien eingehen, wobei der tatschliche Ablauf ganz in meiner Macht liegt. Egal, ob Du Dich gerne in Frauenkleidern zeigst, dich verzckt meinen Fßen widmest oder dich als willenloser Sklave meiner...
Madamme Victoria Madamme Victoria
Desde Madrid, desarrollando mis habilidades como Mistress, deseando hacer tus sueños más oscuros realidad. Sádica, Dominante. Mujer Alfa de fuerte carácter. Me gusta la seriedad y la disciplina. Abriéndome camino en mi nueva etapa hacia sensaciones nuevas, hacia el mundo oscuro de los placeres que me marcan mis sentimientos. Adoro ver el sufrimiento de las personas en sus rostros, adoro que me supliquen a mis pies. Odio el idiotismo y las personas que no saben escuchar ni obedecer. No retes mi naturaleza, si entras en mis dominios debes estar dispuesto a seguir mis normas. Aquí no valen el "yo quiero", "me gustaría" o "había pensado". Mis sesiones van en...
Miss Severity Myers Miss Severity Myers
Miss Severity Myers
Islington, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
I intend to leave my mark on your Mind and if required your Body – we shall see about your Soul. An audience with Miss Myers is an encounter of a very special kind. Her diverse and honed skills; Her chilling attention to detail; Her wicked sense of humour; Her subtle cruelties; Her soft, cultured voice. All this and more combines to ensure that a visit to Miss Myers shall make an impact upon you in more ways than one…   With a wonderfully twisted imagination and a razor sharp wit, Miss Myers possesses an innate understanding of the dark, wonderful, erotic fantasies that drive so many to search for that most perfect of experiences. In Miss Myers’ expert and caring hands these fantasies are realized, addin...
Miss Vera Miss Vera
Miss Vera
New York , United States
Contact Phone
Miss Veras Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls Miss Veras Portrait Welcome to the online home of Miss Veras Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls, the worlds first transgender academy and foremost crossdressing service, located in New York City and known across the globe. I am Veronica Vera, your dean of students, founder and author. Miss Veras was created in the early 90s to serve the needs of the thousands of men and transpeople who have the desire to break through gender barriers and explore their feminine options, some for a day, others for a lifetime. Happily, more and more couples also call upon me to share my knowledge and guide them to deeper levels of understanding and trust. Providing both a learni...
Missouri Missouri
Missouri , United States
Contact Phone
January 7, 2011 Am a Manor was established in 1990, by Mistress Deborah. She created what is now a world class dungeon. Ama Manor resides in a historic house, that was built in 1890, its located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The Manor caters exclusively to BDSM and Fetishes. The Manor as we fondly call it; hosts private play parties for the BDSM group, The Unnamed Group. They meet once a month at the Manor. If you are interested in more information about the group, please visit their web site at, for more information about meeting the group and possibly attending a party. Ama Manor has been a passion of Mistress Deborahs from the beginning. Mistress Deborah has created different theme rooms within t...
Mistress Adara Mistress Adara
Mistress Adara
London, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
I am happy to deal with all genuine submissives, from the total novice to the most experienced, single males, females. I am also very understanding and welcoming of TVs, Trans Gender and Sissies. I always respect limits but expect the submissive to endeavour to please Me by expanding those limits. Cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance to Me. I am polite and courteous and expect the same level of civility to be shown towards Me. I always maintain personal privacy and assure you of discretion. Throughout your time with Me, you will be able to relax into My safe and experienced care. Please, read the whole of My brief website and especially My Contact Rules prior to contacting Me. Vital Statistics *Nationality British A...
Anal / Strap-On Play
Chastity Control
Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)
Corporal Punishment (Heavy)
Corporal Punishment (Mild)
Face Slapping
Gags & Hoods
Nipple Tease
Puppy / Pony Training
Sensory Deprivation
Sensual Tie & Tease
Slave Training
Wax Play
Whipping / Flogging
Torture including CBT
Nipple play and NT
Nipple Torture