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Lady Luciana Lady Luciana
Lady Luciana
Essen, Germany
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Willkommen in meinem bizarren Reich Bei mir kannst du den Schritt in eine andere Welt wagen, wie in einer Traumwelt, nur dass dein zuknftiges Leben unter meinen Fen kein Traum sein wird, sondern nackte Wirklichkeit. Du wirst mit gefalteten Händen vor mir knien und in demtiger Erregung zu mir emporblicken. Ich liebe es, dir Leid zuzufgen, geniee es, wenn der Schmerz deinen Krper durchfährt. Ich werde dein Blut zum kochen bringen, während du mich anbetest und verzweifelt schmachtend nach mehr schreist. Du wirst mir mehr und mehr verfallen und allmählich mein total hriger und gehorsamer Sklave werden. Ich, deine Herrin und Gttin, habe die Macht, dir Freude zu schenken, sie dir aber im selben Atemzug auch wieder zu nehmen.
Lady Sophia Lady Sophia
Lady Sophia
Berlin, Germany
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Sophia has been a Pro-dom in New York City for the last several years, and when she is not teasing or torturing men (or women), she is writing her Ph.D. in philosophy. Having the literature of her studies in mind while in sessions, she inevitably takes play to a whole other level of intensity. Sophia is conversational in German, French, and Spanish, but she is a master of oration in English, and is notorious for her elaborately descriptive sessionsAfter meeting Sophia, you will learn the true meaning of a mind fuck! She particularly adores perceptive, attentive play partners, who appreciate subtlety, but also those who can take a good hard over the knee spanking, followed by a few swift strokes of a cane. She is petite and curvy w...
Mistress Asherah Mistress Asherah
Mistress Asherah
Florida, United States
Compatability is essential. i will not consider a session unless w/we share similar intersts in specific fetishes. You will demonstrate an understanding of appropriate mistress/slavce protocol.
Mistress Benay Mistress Benay
Mistress Benay
Colorado, United States
Mistress Benay is an Experienced Dominatrix from Colorado who has been an Ardent Believer in Female Domination for many years. She has already established herself in the BDSM World as a successful writer with her extremely popular Female Domination Series titled At Her Beck and Call.Mistress Benay has always been one to Practice what She Preaches, as evidenced by the fact that She conducts personal Domination Sessions with men, women, and couples who are interested in building a Female Led Relationship. She has turned her real life husband into a Willing Slave who worships the ground that She walks on and caters to all her needs. In Part I of her Female Domination Series At Her Beck and Call, Mistress Benay explained how any Wo...
Mistress Blaze Mistress Blaze
Mistress Blaze
New Jersey , United States
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Now you have permission to enter. So get on your knees and......... Beg to serve slave...... *SESSION$* Domination Humiliation Body Worship Roleplay{secratary.,bitchy boss,vampire,nurse} Medical Play Smoking/Humanashtray Spanking/{otk}spanking Foot Worship{clean feet, dirty feet, sweaty feet} Flogging,Caning Tickle Torture Bondage CBT Nipple Torture Tease Denial BodyWorship Waxplay Sissy Training Dog Training and more.... Domination is not prostitution NO SEX
Mistress Eliza Sauvage Mistress Eliza Sauvage
Mistress Eliza Sauvage
Paris, France
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My English way to be Discipline and control, perversion and hedonism- here we are Physical punishment and brain wash, colored flesh and body exploration an invitation to travel through different atmospheres you would have to be able to stand! Admiration and devotion are the key words for any proposals. Always curious to discover new creatures! Feminization and Sissy play~ Public Humiliation ~ Double Domination Session ~ Worship and retifism ~ Role Play ~ Adult Babies ~ Conservative treatment ~ Financial dominance ~ Ultimate vintage fetish seduction and veneration ~ Physical punishment ~ Confidant and desirable Companionship ~ Corporal exploration ~ Hard spirit reformatory ~ Food Play ~ Face to face interrogatory and rehabilitation ~...
Mistress Pippa Mistress Pippa
Mistress Pippa
Hong Kong , Hong Kong
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I am a professional English Dominatrix and an independent lifestyle Domina. Im a passionate and multi faceted Mistress with a profound understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of BDSM. Power stimulates me and I adore tormenting and teasing where the psychological stimulation of suspense is added to the already overpowering physical sensations. I will challenge the experienced submissive and guide the novice who wishes to indulge in their wildest fantasies. Im deeply sensual and expect to enjoy myself. Even though I can be severe, I also take pleasure in not only compelling my slave to submit but also in fulfilling his fantasies by turning his desires and fantasies into reality. I revel in the wicked thrills of power and in...
Mistress Sayako Mistress Sayako
Mistress Sayako
New York , United States
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istress Sayako is a Japanese immigrant who spent her early years in New York City. At sixteen, her exotic beauty opened the door to her career as a fashion model. Represented by the internationally renowned Ford agency, her modeling career took her to exciting and cosmopolitan cities such as Paris, London, Brussels, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. During her travels, she met a dark, mysterious and sensual couple who initiated her into the arts of dominance, submission and Asian bondage. In this phase of her life she discovered her true dominant nature, and quickly perceived that she was born to discipline subjects both sadistically and sensually. Mistress Sayako is 511 and measures 34C-24-35. Her perfect features, statuesque figure, flawless sk...
Mistress Shy Mistress Shy
Mistress Shy
Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
This is a question, which needs resolving before you visit Mistress Shy. You must ask yourself what it is you hope to get from a session with Mistress Shy. Deep down, do you think that if you are paying Mistress Shy, then she must do exactly as you want? If that is so, you are Wrong You may as well look elsewhere. I enjoy being Dominant and being in control. That is a simple and given fact. I do not want detailed scripts of how you think a session should be, or of what you expect to happen in a session. You may make polite enquiries, to see if I am interested in certain things, and I may consider them if they are of interest to Me But Remember it will be Mistress, who chooses what will or will not happen. Seeing Me Enjoying Myself...
Mistress Tiara Orchid Mistress Tiara Orchid
Mistress Tiara Orchid
United Kingdom
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545} I am a fierce Mediterranean Goddess who loves mixing painful torments with erotic tease and indulging in bizarre, excessive fetishes. Mesmerizing and charming, I have the intrepidness of an amazon and the look of a retro diva. Demanding and insatiable, playful, utterly erotic and evilly creative, I describe myself as the unexpected combination between an illuminated despot and an imperious lioness. My body was made to tempt and subjugate the weak. I have a flawless ballerina figure with perfect champagne coupe breasts and a truly epic derriere. My skin is as fair as porcelain, scattered with thousands of freckles and moles. My dark hair are flowing...