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Mistress Carly Castille Mistress Carly Castille
Mistress Carly Castille
Milwaukee , United States
Contact Phone
I am based in Milwaukee, but travel often to Chicago and New Jersey. Join my yahoo group for discussions and travel info. You can reach me by email or by phone. I do not accept phone calls from blocked or private numbers. I do not engage in any form of prostitution, nudity, escort or massage. If you have met a Dominatrix who has done these things in past, she is not a real professional dominatrix; just an escort playing dress-up. Sessions….. Hello Pets! I have been a professional Dominatrix for over six years and enjoy the BDSM and fetish scene very much in my personal life as well as professional. I have a BA in psychology and know how to get into all those freaky, nasty little corners of your mind and exploit them for my own...
Mistress Cynthia Stone Mistress Cynthia Stone
Mistress Cynthia Stone
Los Angeles, United States
Contact Phone
RESPECT IS NOT A RIGHT: IT HAS TO BE EARNED With wicked eyes, and a kind smile, Mistress Stone will help you reach levels of subspace your mind and body didnt know were possible. A lifestyle Mistress with 10 years of professional experience she doesnt play games, she plays for keeps. If you behave, you may come along on the journey. Height: 510 Dress: US 6 Measurements: 36-29-38 Shoe Size: 11 Hair: Natural Honey Blonde Eye: Blue Gold
Mistress Deliya Mistress Deliya
Mistress Deliya
Chicago , United States
Contact Phone
So you want to learn a bit more about me I am Deliya. Say it: DEE-lee-uh I am a powerful woman, and I practice a unique and subtle form of domination. My physique is fair and youthful. For a long time, I eschewed conventional forms of femininity. Now increasingly I embrace the power my femaleness draws in the world around me. I can appear boyish, nubile, or gracefully woman. Traveling along this continuum is a constant pleasure. What interests me in BDSM is well everything! But especially the complex psychology beneath kinks, fetishes, pain, pleasure, and scenes. There is nothing like BDSM for unlocking people and learning how they work. I come to domination from a place of compassion and out of desire to create more jo...
Mistress Monique Mistress Monique
Mistress Monique
Texas , United States
Contact Phone
San Antonio, TX Contact Me At or Phone 11am-11pm 1-210-323-8992
Mistress Suzi Mistress Suzi
Mistress Suzi
Chesterfield, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
So you wish to feel the dominance of a strict and experienced Mistress who will put you in your place under her heels you want to serve and worship at her feet and obey her whims. I am who you see, a Mistress of expectation, you have your fantasy lets make it happen. My Art of Domination has been gathered over a number of years, you want creativity, a Mistress, a woman, not a girl step this way. Your boundaries will be respected, as will mine, but there will come a time when you wish to explore further and I will be there waiting. I invite suitable submissives to my domain; as my mood takes me I can be cruel, but my empathetic nature will always rule. Your fulfilling experience with me will be one that you will not regret or forge...
Mistress Tala Mistress Tala
Mistress Tala
Glasgow, Scotland
Contact Phone
I enjoy working in an atmosphere of trust with submissives who share my interests and strive to become my devotees. I regard communication as an essential skill and encourage you to share as much information as possible about you, your fantasies and your expectations. As I learn your interests, your tastes, taboos and weaknesses, I will paint a psychosexual portrait of you and create encounters perfectly tailored to your deepest needs. And so we begin our journey together as I take you to places you didn’t know existed. I operate from a very well established and well equipped Dungeon located in Glasgow City Centre. Sessions are strictly by appointment, and can be arranged either via email or telephone. Booking...
Mistress Vianne Mistress Vianne
Mistress Vianne
Melbourne , Australia
Contact Phone
I am not one given to making lists, it seems to take all the fun out of our play. However, upon our first contact, I will encourage you to outline your interests and limitations. So, I consider it necessary that you first peruse mine. I can be both breathtakingly severe or surprisingly compassionate. Your torment is my prerogative and I am anything but predictable I revel in controlling your every sensation with a deft hand. You will find me both skilled and experienced, welcoming of the fantastical and bizarreand possessing a debauched sense of humour. This is a list of activities that I particularly enjoy, but am by no means limited to. click to read more... Corporal Punishment CBT and NT All manner of fetishes R...
Mistress Violator Mistress Violator
Mistress Violator
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Mistress Violator is a post-op transsexual Mistress – for those of you who are unsure, this means she has had a full sex change and is to all intents and purposes physically the same as a genetic female. What this also means, is that she understands her submissive male’s minds a little better than the average Mistress – she knows the true extent of your wicked thoughts, the deep and dark levels of your sexual depravity and she will exploit all your deviant hedonistic desires. Then of course, there is the fact that she is purpose-built for domination; at 6 feet tall without her heels, she will almost certainly tower over you in them and she has enough strength to restrain most slaves even without the use of bondage &nda...
Mistress Wilma Mistress Wilma
Mistress Wilma
Bern , Switzerland
Contact Phone
Lady, Domina, Vamp, Comtesse, femme fatale, desse de la sexualit et de la domination. The severe beauty, the Goddess of domination, Fhrerin, Frstin und Knstlerin. Tall, with long legs, black haired, vornehm, stolz, extravagant, wollstig, streng, leidenschaftlich, schamlos, exhibitionistisch, always terrifically sexy! Avant de me ddier la domination jai t matresse dcole et jai fait des tudes universitaires. Ich empfange Dich in meiner Villa, Fribourg, - isole par son jardin - deren usseres ist brgerlich, aber hinter der brgerlichen Fassade verbirgt sich das Reich einer Herrscherin. A lintrieur, un vritable Temple de la Domination, but inside, if and once you are admitted, youll discover quite a different world: my realm, the temple of d...
Goddess Salvia Goddess Salvia
Goddess Salvia
Brighton, United Kingdom
Anal / Strap-On Play
Body Worship
Boot, Shoe & Foot Worship
Breath Play
Chastity Control
Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)
Corporal Punishment (Heavy)
Corporal Punishment (Mild)
Corsets & Lingerie
Double Domme
Face Sitting
Face Slapping
Forced Bi
Gags & Hoods
Latex, Rubber & PVC
Maid / Sissy Training
Medical / Needle Play
Nipple Tease
Puppy / Pony Training
Roleplay Fantasies
Sensory Deprivation
Sensual Tie & Tease
Slave Training
Water Sports
Wax Play
Whipping / Flogging
Psychological domination
Torture including CBT
Nipple play and NT
Champagne showers
Forced Feminization
Forced Masturbation
Nipple Torture
Verbal Abuse