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Mistress Cristian Mistress Cristian
Mistress Cristian
New Jersey , United States
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Now seeking slaves Being beautiful is powerful, being powerful is even more so beautiful. Private upscale fetish house located in Jersey City, NJ (5 mins from Manhattan) Tri state and long distance outcalls.
Mistress Elise James Mistress Elise James
Mistress Elise James
Manchester, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Hi im Mistress James lifestyle dominant, recently goneprofessional domme. Sessioning from a manchester fully equipped dungeon. Been called seductive yet sadistic on a number of occasions .i love sissys more than anything but thats mypersonal kink ,emasculating men and extreme humiliation. I live for the mind control i am a massive pervert and inappropriate on a daily basis its just who i am , i love objectifying men and degrading them for my own purposes my number is 07951217442 you can find me on twitter @mistressjames
Mistress Lashina Mistress Lashina
Mistress Lashina
London, United Kingdom
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I am an authoritarian and dominant woman of Caribbean descent. You may call me Mistress Lashina. Educated to degree level, I am intelligent, imaginative and broad minded. I can be kind, empathetic and attentive at times and a strict, sadistic and cruel bitch at other times. I stand 5 ft 8 inches tall without heels with strong arms and thick muscular thighs. I have soft dark brown skin and piercing big brown eyes which seem to bore into your soul! I have very specific rules. Be sure to read these carefully BEFORE contacting me so as not to waste My time. I like nothing better than to tie, humiliate and beat men like you into submission...
Mistress Magpie Mistress Magpie
Mistress Magpie
Bristol, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Im a 33 year old American Lady, resident in the United Kingdom for nearly seven years. Many people find my accent engaging and sexy! Ive got long, curly brown hair, deep brown eyes, and a curvy but firm figure. Ive got a sharp wit, a dry sense of humour, and a friendly and chatty personality. BDSM and fetish are My greatest passions in life and I spend lots of time socialising, playing and just hanging out with My friends on the public BDSM scene in the Southwest. Besides kink, My interests include cooking, singing and photography. As a Mistress, I am warm and engaging and always ready with a smile, but I am intensely strict and sadistic. I get a deep rush from taking control and always push the limits of My submissives and slaves. I...
Ii am a petite 5′ 1” dominatrix, who is very sensual and also sadistic. I have had experience in BDSM for over 20 years. I am in my late 30′s and I have an hourglass figure with 36G cup size! I’ve been a Pro Domme for nearly 2 years now. I’m highly educated, articulate and well spoken plus I have done 3 degrees relating to the medical profession. I have always been highly assertive as it comes naturally to me. I know my own mind and have great tenacity when it comes to getting what I want in all areas of life. I’m a dominatrix that may seem to have a sweet exterior – but don’t be fooled as I can be extremely sadistic! I can be very extreme or very sensual. I am a mature professional...
Mistress Tania Huddersfield Mistress Tania Huddersfield
Mistress Tania Huddersfield
07710 113220 , United Kingdom
Contact Phone
My mirrored dungeon is very well equipped with all manor of items ranging from the large St Andrews cross, iron cages, stocks, suspension equipment, spanking stools and bondage chair. In addition I have lots of the smaller items tailored to your body, gags,cuffs, nipple clamps, strap-ons, parachute ball stretchers, hot wax and many many more.
Mistress Vianne Mistress Vianne
Mistress Vianne
Melbourne , Australia
Contact Phone
I am not one given to making lists, it seems to take all the fun out of our play. However, upon our first contact, I will encourage you to outline your interests and limitations. So, I consider it necessary that you first peruse mine. I can be both breathtakingly severe or surprisingly compassionate. Your torment is my prerogative and I am anything but predictable I revel in controlling your every sensation with a deft hand. You will find me both skilled and experienced, welcoming of the fantastical and bizarreand possessing a debauched sense of humour. This is a list of activities that I particularly enjoy, but am by no means limited to. click to read more... Corporal Punishment CBT and NT All manner of fetishes R...
Mistress Victoria Robinson Mistress Victoria Robinson
Mistress Victoria Robinson
New York, United States
Contact Phone
I am a professional and lifestyle dominatrix living and working in NYC. I enjoy many different kinds of scenes from intense sadism to a nurturing role play and everything in between. With six years of professional experience, taking control and pushing your limits is second nature to Me, however, I also enjoy lighter scenes for the nervous novices looking for a guide into their BDSM experience.
Mistress Xola Mistress Xola
Mistress Xola
London, United Kingdom
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Already spellbound and burning with desire to discover the beauty that lies behind the mask? Once you do you will be under my alluring spell like all my loyal slaves. I am Lady Xola and dedicated and experience FemDom based in London and surrounding areas. Your every desire is to be dominated by a big beautiful black Mistress? Are you ready to submit, serve and surrender your control to me? Come and explore your BDSM fantasies of domination, role play, forced humiliation, financial abuse and discipline. I am a Goddess by nature, a strong, confident and dominant Queen who demands efforts be made and full respect at all times i am strict, harsh and firm with everyone who dares to enter my world.However I am also very sexual, sensua...
Ms. Tara Sterling Ms. Tara Sterling
Ms. Tara Sterling
San Francisco , United States
Contact Phone
After spending my whole life living in big cities, and traveling the world- I am excited to be beginning a new experience by spending most of my time in a small town, in an extremely beautiful part of Northern California about 1.5 hours driving from San Francisco. Play partners and slaves who I already know well will be invited to visit me at my country home and BDSM playground. New people will need to be patient and schedule their first few appointments with me elsewhere when I am visiting S.F. or one of my other favorite cities. Read more about my desires in my bio at the bottom of this page and here. I am open to hearing your unique fantasies. My main BDSM interests are:     DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION Whether...