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Interview With Vee Barberette Fetish Haircuts

February 27, 2019
Vee Barberette Fetish Haircuts
Vee Barberette Fetish Haircuts of United Kingdom was kind enough to conduct an Interview with theDominationWeb. We thank her for her frankness and time.
Question: Could you tell theDominationWeb readers how you first became interested in Domination?
Vee Barberette Fetish Haircuts: I have always been a Dominant lady. I am Spanish born so I can get very fiery if my buttons are pushed. I started in the adult industry over 20 years ago as table top dancer and Queer Femme performer before pole dancing was popular. My shows were usually based around Female Domination and Me wearing a strap on underneath My costume.
Question: Would you say that you are naturally a Dominant Person in your everyday to day life?
Vee Barberette Fetish Haircuts: Most definitely. I'm not a bossy bitch, though I always get My way.
Question: Do you have a favourite scenario?
Vee Barberette Fetish Haircuts: I enjoy many scenarios though I especially love when my sub/slave are enjoying themselves during a session
Question: Would you say that you have a wide range of clothing in your wardrobe of fetish attire?
Vee Barberette Fetish Haircuts: No, I've never been one to fuss over what I'm wearing. I don't have a huge selection of clothing. I don't need it. It's Not What You Wear But How You Wear It.