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Interview With Lady RemedyAnn Fetish

October 13, 2017
Lady RemedyAnn Fetish
Lady RemedyAnn Fetish of United States was kind enough to conduct an Interview with theDominationWeb. We thank her for her frankness and time.
Question: Would you say that you have a wide range of clothing in your wardrobe of fetish attire?
Lady RemedyAnn Fetish: With the extreme,fierceness that comes with the the graceful strut of an 8 inch high heel ,or with what appears to be the never ending thigh high ,leather boot. Sexy shoes on top of a pair of Cuban toe stocking, nylons, clipped decadently to the 4,6,8,or even 12 strap garter. MMMMM thats just the beginning though. I can wear leather or latex,corsets,gloves,hoods,leather military styled hat, leather dr,'s mask, skirts ,pants, latex cat suites, dresses shinned up to the max! Or perhaps we flip it and get in touch with our inner animal and do some role play. I am BRAVE Heart a show pony girl/race horse with a very wild, yet majestic attitude and appearance,or maybe sex kittens. a school girl that is a bratty and very naughty girl, tough and loves to bully the boys on the playground. But if you are a naughty school boy need discipline? Then it the MEAN DEAN Lady RemedyANN with a stern hand and wooden paddle administering the swats. Too rough for you still? Ok then a sissy, or even little one, adult babies, meet the Nanny Dommy, or big SISTER BABY Sitter? I LOVE FETISH FASHION. Corsets tightly cinched one of my favorite looks. and did I mention I love leather and latex?
Question: Do you have a favourite scenario?
Lady RemedyAnn Fetish: I enjoy long extended play scenes that allow Me the time needed to fully entice, seduce, and have my way with a person. Tease and denial, getting into the mind, all this takes time. Good warm up for the impact play of scene can not be rushed. I love the scent of leather, the feel and look of latex, hoods also. Bondage in a scene is ritualistic as is everything else from dress to after care
Question: You mention on your web site that you enjoy body worship. I think that a lot of submissives would be interested in serving a beautiful Mistress in this way. Do you agree?
Lady RemedyAnn Fetish: When it comes to body worship, a submissive is powerless. Being able to appreciate the vision of a beautiful Mistress is one thing. But the privilege and pleasure one receives from the scent , the contact, and the rush is intoxicating.
Question: Would you say that you are naturally a Dominant Person in your everyday to day life?
Lady RemedyAnn Fetish: Absolutely! I am naturally more comfortable being in charge, both inside and outside the bedroom. When it comes to intimacy, being in control is the only way to be.