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Interview With L'Aurea Amazon

October 19, 2020
L'Aurea Amazon
L'Aurea Amazon of United States was kind enough to conduct an Interview with theDominationWeb. We thank her for her frankness and time.
Question: Could you tell theDominationWeb readers how you first became interested in Domination?
L'Aurea Amazon: It was a long time ago now but the interest grew gradually, with fascination and education and finally by meeting excellent Mistresses who took Me under their wing as an apprentice.
Question: Would you say that you are naturally a Dominant Person in your everyday to day life?
L'Aurea Amazon: Very much so. And might I add that it's a difficult position to be in. As a dominant Lady in your life and She will tell you that society doesn't react well.
Question: Do you have a favourite scenario?
L'Aurea Amazon: I have lots of them. Fans of My milking sessions know that 'automated' torture and objectification excite Me: by that I mean that I get off on being able to affect another person's body with the minimum of effort - a button or a dial for instance. Those types of scenes take time and effort to set up but the feeling of total they give Me when I'm able to sit in an armchair and make you scream is electric.
Question: Would you say that you have a wide range of clothing in your wardrobe of fetish attire?
L'Aurea Amazon: I am not known as a latex or leather Mistress. I do wear leather often in session, very rarely latex. That's because I am very active in session and I've never been able to move very freely in fetish wear. Then I just get frustrated by being restricted in My movement and it becomes difficult for Me to enter top-space. My favorite wardrobe is something sexy, that suits the scene but which gives Me comfort and freedom.