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Domina Angel Domina Angel
Domina Angel
Bangkok, Bangkok , Thailand
Contact Phone
I live in Bangkok, The City of Angels. BDSM and female domination is my passion. To become my slave you are expected to be at my disposal at all times, ready to fulfill all my demands, my wishes, my orders however humiliating they may be. My satisfaction must always be your priority! I possess the ability to fulfill your fantasies and make them come true. I will make you want me more than anything you have experienced before. My sessions can be sensual but also strict and intense! You may  at my appearance, yearning to crawl at my feet, suffer any degradation just to please me. I am sexy, stunning, wicked, and i can be very nasty if my slave do not obey! I am not easy to please! I love it to hurt you, degrade you, abuse you...
Mistress Thailand Mistress Thailand
Mistress Thailand
Bangkok, Soi Sukhumvit 22, Bangkok, Thailand
Goddess Mistress kim Goddess Mistress kim
Goddess Mistress kim
Thailand, Bangkok , Thailand
Mistress Charlyn Mistress Charlyn
Mistress Charlyn
Bangkok, Thailand
Quinn Helix Quinn Helix
Quinn Helix
Bangkok, United States