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Lady Seraphina Lady Seraphina
Lady Seraphina
Calgary , Canada
Contact Phone
A bit about me I have been kinky as far back as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I was 19 that I began to play. It wasn’t long before BDSM was a huge part of my life, although it took a back seat to other things for a few years. In early 2006 I had the opportunity to restructure my life, and was able to make play a huge priority. I’m ever so glad I did. I have tried many activities, and continue to do so, keeping an open mind on all things, even those I personally don’t enjoy, though I only engage in forms of play that interest me. I attend workshops to develop new skills, though I am not very active in the local community, as I am a private person. My sadistic nature has surprised me as it grew. Years ago I wo...
Empress Angelique Empress Angelique
Empress Angelique
Gary , United States