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Mistress Real Mistress Real
Mistress Real
Newport , South Wales, United Kingdom
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My journey to becoming a professional Domina was a natural progression, and not something that I directly chose - rather it chose Me .I started work as an escort in My early 20's , from there I ventured into topshelf modelling, the porn industry and from there I fell into the wonderful world of Fetish and BDSM I learned the fine art of BDSM from the bottom up. Being a professional submissive for 5 years before becoming a switch ...then finally when My trade was finely tuned ...only then was I ready to become Mistress R'eal       My confidence as a Dominatrix  is second to none , it's a natural ability that cannot be learnt,  the skills of the art of BDSM can be taught....but REAL DOMINAT...
Domina Cassandra Domina Cassandra
Domina Cassandra
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Mistress Zeena Mistress Zeena
Mistress Zeena
Wales, United Kingdom
TS Mistress Jade TS Mistress Jade
TS Mistress Jade
Wales, United Kingdom