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Nanny Eva Nanny Eva
Nanny Eva
Manchester, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Welcome to my site children where infantalisation, emasculation, sissification, sissy maid training, and absolute control, are the order of the day, with doses of very traditional discipline where Nanny deems necessary; as well as draconian and not so traditional punishment, training, and behaviour modification   If you are an adult baby girl, adult baby boy, adult schoolboy or girl, sissy or diaper lover.. and you are looking for a Nanny/ Auntie/ Governess/ Headmistress/ Maternal figure. Your search is over...   Mummy's here!   The following is an example of what you might expect if you are fortunate enough to be granted a place at my nursery:-   All traces of male adulthood will be...
Mistress Lola Mistress Lola
Mistress Lola
Manchester, United Kingdom
Headmistress Cane Headmistress Cane
Headmistress Cane
Denton, Manchester, United Kingdom
Corporal Punishment (Heavy)
Corporal Punishment (Mild)
Roleplay Fantasies
Sensory Deprivation
Domina K Manchester Domina K Manchester
Domina K Manchester
Manchester, United Kingdom
Lady Cornelia Lady Cornelia
Lady Cornelia
Manchester, United Kingdom
Miss Kitty. Domme Miss Kitty. Domme
Miss Kitty. Domme
Manchester, United Kingdom
Mistress Abduction Mistress Abduction
Mistress Abduction
Manchester, United Kingdom
Mistress Elise James Mistress Elise James
Mistress Elise James
Manchester, United Kingdom
Mistress Foxx Mistress Foxx
Mistress Foxx
Manchester, United Kingdom
Mistress Scorpio Mistress Scorpio
Mistress Scorpio
Manchester, United Kingdom