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Domina K Manchester Domina K Manchester
Domina K Manchester
Manchester, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
I am an American Domina from New York City. I do not have one particular style. It all depends on my mood. I am extremely versatile and can go from zero to bitch in seconds. I am a sensual sadist and take great pleasure in providing you with the best possible pain. I adore the art of torture. The possibilities are endless from physical to emotional. I have spent years perfecting this art and take it very seriously. But not to the grave. I dont care how you identify, I will always be spoken to with respect. I will of course provide you with the same respect in turn. Safety is of the utmost importance. I do play with safe words but I can also play without them. I do tend make things up as I go, but I assure you upon meeting me you will...
Mistress Lola Mistress Lola
Mistress Lola
Manchester, United Kingdom
Headmistress Cane. Headmistress Cane.
Headmistress Cane.
Denton, Manchester, United Kingdom
Mistress Annabel Mistress Annabel
Mistress Annabel
Manchester , United Kingdom
Miss Kitty. Domme Miss Kitty. Domme
Miss Kitty. Domme
Manchester, United Kingdom
Mistress Abduction Mistress Abduction
Mistress Abduction
Manchester, United Kingdom
Mistress Elise James Mistress Elise James
Mistress Elise James
Manchester, United Kingdom
Mistress Foxx Mistress Foxx
Mistress Foxx
Manchester, United Kingdom
Mistress Scorpio Mistress Scorpio
Mistress Scorpio
Manchester, United Kingdom
Mistress Teressa Mistress Teressa
Mistress Teressa
Manchester , United Kingdom