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Domme Jaguar Domme Jaguar
Domme Jaguar
Mexico City , Mexico
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+10 YEARS EXPERIENCE / PRIVATE STUDIO & OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATION / INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL Enjoy,relax, have fun: I can be a/your predator, your torturer, your teacher, your pimp, your Owner, your Goddess. I am an Artist of Desire and Power. I can play with your body and your mind, and make you feel emotions and sensations you have not dreamed about… or have you? My job is to give a break to your “public self and your Ego, to expand your limits, to explore and act out your fantasies. Under My spell you will enter into a world of Erotic Alchemy, where shame, pain, cruelty and taboo transform into pride, pleasure, tenderness and enlightment… and I will take you back safely! I am a high-level Professional Dominatrix,...