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Ladu Chandra Ladu Chandra
Ladu Chandra
Pennsylvania , United States
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Restraint....helplessness....peace....submission. I find rope bondage to be a very sensual experience. My rope is the surface, the boundary, between freedom and inertia, movement and stillness. You press against it, you struggle within it, you resign yourself to it. Our dances can be many. I may entice you into My web, enveloping you within a shroud of rope. You may become a piece of living art, as I playfully create an intricate lattice-work around you. I may cruelly take you, tying you down tight as you struggle. Looking into your eyes and seeing the resignation there to your helpless state--for Me, this brings the greatest satisfaction. Now bound, immobile, blindfolded and gagged, you are transformed. I leave you a silent, struggling,...
Ava St. Marks Ava St. Marks
Ava St. Marks
Pennsylvania , United States
Domina Lexx Envy Domina Lexx Envy
Domina Lexx Envy
Pennsylvania, United States
Mistress Fire Mistress Fire
Mistress Fire
Pennsylvania , United States
Mistress Isadora Mistress Isadora
Mistress Isadora
Pennsylvania , United States