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Ms. Tara Sterling Ms. Tara Sterling
Ms. Tara Sterling
San Francisco , United States
Contact Phone
After spending my whole life living in big cities, and traveling the world- I am excited to be beginning a new experience by spending most of my time in a small town, in an extremely beautiful part of Northern California about 1.5 hours driving from San Francisco. Play partners and slaves who I already know well will be invited to visit me at my country home and BDSM playground. New people will need to be patient and schedule their first few appointments with me elsewhere when I am visiting S.F. or one of my other favorite cities. Read more about my desires in my bio at the bottom of this page and here. I am open to hearing your unique fantasies. My main BDSM interests are:     DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION Whether...
Mistress Vixxxen Mistress Vixxxen
Mistress Vixxxen
San Francisco , United States
San Francisco, United States
Miss Violette Miss Violette
Miss Violette
San Francisco , United States
Mistress Anna D Mistress Anna D
Mistress Anna D
San Francisco, United States
Mistress Morgana Mistress Morgana
Mistress Morgana
San Francisco, United States
Ms Jezebel Ms Jezebel
Ms Jezebel
San Francisco , United States
Vinyl Queen Vinyl Queen
Vinyl Queen
San Francisco , United States