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Goddess Rosalie Goddess Rosalie
Goddess Rosalie
Texas, United States
Financial Domme from greater manchester UK. INTOLERANT for timewasters.Enjoy rinsing pathetic slaves.Three favourite thingsHaving my slaves in Chastity.BlackmailBall busting
Mistress Katrina Mistress Katrina
Mistress Katrina
Texas , United States
Contact Phone
Ebony Domme located in Austin, Texas with and Upscale dungeon in North Austin. I love taking on new subs and make them my loyal subs.I am sadistic and take pleasure in it.I am the only domme in Austin who participates in WAM activities. You will never forget our session and become weakend by my power over you. I participate in most fetishes but not all. In person sessions deposit required 512-701-5282
Domina Shannon Domina Shannon
Domina Shannon
Texas , United States
Headmistress Christal Rose Headmistress Christal Rose
Headmistress Christal Rose
Texas , United States
Madame Devila Madame Devila
Madame Devila
Texas , United States
Mistress Dieve Mistress Dieve
Mistress Dieve
Texas , United States
Mistress Monique Mistress Monique
Mistress Monique
Texas , United States
Mistress Precious Mistress Precious
Mistress Precious
Texas , United States
Mz Xcellente Mz Xcellente
Mz Xcellente
Texas , United States