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Mistress Freyja Mistress Freyja
Mistress Freyja
Utrecht , Netherlands
Contact Phone
Hello slave boy or girl, welcome to my web site. I am a professional lifestyle dominatrix located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I have sadism running through my veins. I love to put a lot of variety in a session, exploring the limits of my slaves. There is one stop word and that is mercy. Since I do speak German, Dutch and English, you can say the word in those languages. Freyja is the name of a Nordic Goddess of love and war. I adopted the name of this Goddess, because it really tells who I am. I can be really sweet and caring, but also extremely hard. I like to be challenged. Do or say one thing wrong and you have war. Freyja has a motto: If you cant lay them, slay them. Dont worry ... I wont actually slay you Soft or Extreme SM? N...