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Domina Bianca Lawless


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Domina Bianca Lawless

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Domina Bianca Lawless
Domina Bianca Lawless
Domina Bianca Lawless
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5 year 's
Please call me on
Washington, United States
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The forbidden lovechild of the Erotes and the Algeas manifests before you in the form of an ethereal Succubus; Domina Bianca di Valentin, the epitome of the classic Femme Fatale with a morbid twist.

I am a Shamanatrix well-versed in the art of Sacred Ritual and Transcendent BDSM. As a highly intuitive, psychically aware, inherently spiritual Being, My intentions from the mundane to metaphysical are constantly directed by the Divine. My soul partakes in every thought I percieve, every word I send past My lips, every action that ripples like water into My reality. Without having resigned My body, mind, and eventually My soul to an intuitive Goddess, I never would have reached the point of enlightenment that has carried Me on My journey thus far. Trained as a submissive first and foremost, I have acknowledged the transformation within Me, having been broken down physically, then mentally, to finally be molded and reprogrammed into a more spiritually conscious, Dominant human being. I relinquished the material world and was made to see something higher, something more Divine than I could have ever imagined. This comes only with due respect to the Process; that which many submissives have asked Me to instill in them, but were overtaken by impatience and this shallow, menial life. I invite genuine submissives to enter My Realm with caution, respect, and a deep-rooted willingness to find change within themselves through My guidance.

Thus, I provide the essential balance of pleasure pain so imperative to contentedness in every facet of life. I do not diligently practice this craft in My daily life for a false sense of satisfaction. I am truly enchanted with the perplexing task of cracking the code of the human identity; I live to figure out what is at the core of every human being, sans suit and tie and hot-shot persona. I consider My work to be a beautiful spiritual exchange of energy, rewarded with sublime enlightenment on both sides of the coin. I am the definition of a Female Supremacist, but I am by no means a man-haterI am absorbed in breaking the faade of the man that society deems acceptable, to reveal the true strength of the human soul that lies dormant inside, begging Me to release it.

Throughout My journey in the enthralling world of both professional and lifestyle Female Dominance (for it most certainly is a journey of self-knowledge and understanding), I have honed My natural abilities and dismissed any deviation from My personal philosophy as I see fit. I do not attempt to conform to the mold of your standard, all-encompassing Mistress, feigning a dictatorial character and eagerly befitting of any boys selfish whims. I am a true Domina: a beautiful, well-read, wildly imaginative, intuitive Woman whose only responsibility to Her submissive is to take full and utter control of their mind, body, and soul. I believe that the Dominant/submissive relationship (which I hold in high regard among all of My clients) is comprised much like that of a spiritual master and ambitious studentIf you so desire to experience Me, then I will surely experience you, guiding you on your journey to personal realization far beyond the bounds of sexuality. I will push your limits with curious discernment, as you willfully surrender all control to Me I will lead you through the darkest, deepest waters of your soul as you instill all of your trust in Me I will force you to find yourself, although you come into My presence with the intention of losing yourself.

The innate seductive power with which I have entranced countless men since My youth has developed into an indissoluble staple of My being as a grown Woman; you will be unable to escape from My exploits, too captivated by the rapture that embraces you by kneeling in My presence. When you come into My Dominion, you will be expected to have left all other pursuits and motives at the door besides that which serves and pleases Me. Do not be so imprudent as to conclude that my youth, petite stature, and childlike face take away from My Authority over you. Although I can be a hedonistic, sociopathic Amazon depending on My capricious disposition, I am characteristically a sensual Sadist with a coquettish demeanor looking to coax My plaything into a realm where both ends of the interconnected and interdependent dichotomy meet in simultaneous rhapsody.

I am an Alpha Female in the Goddess purest form. I harbor no qualms regarding the inferiority of the male species, and I will not hesitate to make you aware of this fact. In reality, men most certainly do have their place in this cruel worldthat is, bowing before Me and every other strong and nurturing Woman to whom they owe their very existence.

I honour the black-and-white difference between a submissive and a fetishist. I entertain fantasies pertaining to several of My own fetishes on a purely kinky level. Please specify your place when contacting Me.

I am bizarrely petite, with alabaster skin that I religiously protect with sunblock, veils, and parasols. I rock a vintage glam coif with dark brunette pin-up style victory rolls; and when Im not in the mood to spend hours at My vanity, the simple boudoir sex hair will do. My dark, almond-shaped eyes, round Cherubim face, and full garnet-red lips are all tell-tale signs of My exotic Cuban heritage. For the celestially inclined, I am a Virgo/Libra Cusp.

I own an extensive fetish wardrobe that is constantly growing. My style is classic fetishwear and plenty of My own expressionLeather; Latex catsuit and other rubber wear; corsets; plenty of lace and velvet; genuine fully-fashioned stockings; fishnets; fetish heels, boots, open-toe pumps, marabou slippers; vintage lingerie (girdles, basques, suspender belts); and costumes naughty nurse, schoolgirl, nun, military, authentic replica Nazi uniform (by very special request!) I dislike PVC/Vinyl so I have very little of that material.

My vanilla life (or as vanilla as I get) consists of the following: Listening to music from every era other than the present one; playing the Celtic harp; being a studious scholar and pursuant of higher intellect; reading every free moment I get; camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities; practising Earth Magick and growing as a spiritual being on the nature-based, non-dogmatic path of Wicca; pursuing My BFA in Creative Writing, and eventually My MFA in Creative Writing; lampworking/flameworking glassblowing (I want to focus on dildos, probes, plugs adult glass of that nature); spending time in nature despite the weather; enjoying the company of My shetland sheepdog and small family; being seen at fetish parties, play parties, clubs and raves all over the globe (though sparinglyI am an elusive recluse remaining underground most of the time); attending Broadway shows that are NOT musicals; and writing essays, poetry, and erotic fiction.


Domina Bianca


Bust: 32B
Waist: 21 (tightlaced to 18in)
Hips: 33
Height: 4 10 (stockings)
Weight: 95 lbs.
Shoe: 5 or 5
Dress: 0
Corset: 18 in.
Cervin Stockings: size 1 (these fully-fashioned nylons made in France run the smallest and therefore are My perfect fit Please do not waste your money on Gio or British brands that will not fit My frame!

2018 08 21