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Domina Elle


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Domina Elle
Domina Elle
Domina Elle
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1 year
Please call me on
Colorado , United States
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Mistresses mention theDominationWeb!

I am a play facilitator, a Dominant Surrogate: a Dominatrix! I specialize in bdsm and fetish domination services. My services include bondage and discipline sessions, counseling in regard to bdsm & fetish as well as a wide range of human sexuality topics, sharing various resources pertaining to bdsm & fetish and human sexuality, resources and information regarding maintaining a healthy sexual lifestyle, couples guidance and the introduction of bdsm activities to your mates or partners.

I take great pleasure in sharing information and experiences pertaining to the bdsm & fetish lifestyle with novices as well as people who have enjoyed bdsm for many years.

After the initial phone interview, your exploration begins with a visit to my fully equipped play studio centrally located in Denver Colorado, where I enjoy applying my own unique and unequalled brand of sweet pain and strict punishment. You will discover that I have a well lubricated imagination and I am very enthusiastic about the scenarios I create! I get a great deal of fulfillment from taking people into 'the kinky zone'. This is a zone where a person is allowed to step out of their normal construct and into an alternative frame of mind which is erotic, intense, and absolutely fun though also therapeutic.

I love facilitating an environment wherein a person is allowed to explore their fetishes and sexual psychology free from stress, intolerance, or fear of judgment. There are no sexual stigmas or shaming in my realm. I maintain a healthy approach and adhere to safety protocol at all times.

I have the desire to connect with as many great people around the world in this lifestyle as I can, as well as those people who enjoy bdsm or fetish as an occasional outlet. This is amazing stuff!

This form of 'adult play' is about sexy escapism fun as well as a way to explore your mental, spiritual, and physical self. Giving ourselves permission to explore our sexuality and our sexual psychology, we are able to better actualize and develop to our full potential as human beings. We also simply need to STOP and PLAY once in awhile. Within the kinky realm this form of activity is called 'PLAY' and it's called play for a reason!

This is also about Power exchange. Power exchange scenarios where one consensually relinquishes all control can be extremely therapeutic under the right circumstances!

I LOVE playing with couples!!

I will not engage in any scenario that is unhealthy or counter-productive to a healthy lifestyle.

As a highly experienced and absolutely kinky Dominatrix, a wide range of bdsm and fetish related activities and scenarios are possible. Contact me by email and by phone for details or to schedule your appointment and reserve dungeon time now. I would love to hear from you!

2019 06 17