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Domina Jemma


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Domina Jemma
Domina Jemma
Domina Jemma
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1 year
Please call me on
Rome , Italy
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I discovered BDSM when I was just 16. Already very sexually active, I was enjoying my first adventure inside a real sex shop. I found the shop rather dull and uninspiring, until I found a dark secret room in the back behind a heavy curtain...
My eyes lit up and my heart started beating quickly as my surroundings registered - whips, chains, clamps, leather, rubber and PVC.
At the age of 16 I could only hazard a guess as to what all this stuff was for, but I unexplainably wanted it ALL!
I ran around that room like a crazed child in a candy shop, and left with a PVC corset, whip and flogger, handcuffs, clamps and a start up bondage kit!
For a couple of years I compulsively returned to that dark room to buy more and more equipment, without ever really understanding the reason why. I owned an impressive SM toy collection before I even bought my first vibrator!
It was the year 2000 when I discovered that room, and they had only just started introducing the internet into schools a year or so before, I knew little about it or how to use it to my advantage, and so for the first couple of years after my discovery, I engaged in several failed and hilarious attempts at kinky sex with a few of my boyfriends, but it was hard to take it seriously without a partner that was genuinely interested too!
Then I went to college and studied IT, I learned all about modern computers and the internet, and I learned how to look for what I needed! The Internet allowed me to find the right information about BDSM and the right people to play with. And after a couple of real experiences it didnt take me long to understand the difference between a real D/S relationship and kinky sex between lovers, and it was suddenly clear why attempts at play with previous boyfriends had been so terribly unsatisfying - I craved a real slave, not a kinky lover.
A normal working life and all its trappings didnt permit me to explore that side of me too fully, but after deciding to broaden my mind and my life a little, I went to live in Barcelona at the age of 20, and everything changed. In Barcelona I met a beautiful, feisty girl, who turned out to be a professional Mistress. I made her tell me all about her life, I was so fascinated and envious that she was able to live out her true nature day in day out, constantly exploring and learning about the world of BDSM that to me was still quite unknown. After telling her my story and interests she was quite excited to get me in her studio and show me a thing or two. There she attempted to teach me some of the practices on her willing and able subs, but as it turned out I had absolutely no need for guidance, it all came to me so naturally as if I had always done it, or perhaps done it in a past life. My skill with each of the instruments was incredible, as if each toy were simply an extension of my own hand.
My frequent presence at her studios soon led to me working there as a Mistress myself, playing with my own subs and gaining valuable experience, and Domina Jemma was truly born.
Barcelona was too hectic a lifestyle for me however, and I was feeling a little home sick after a while, I returned to England to continue working as a Mistress in London for a while, but despite the home sickness I had felt in Barcelona, I realised that England wasnt where I wanted to be either. I missed so badly the Mediterranean climate! I ended up in Italy purely because I had met some friends in Barcelona from Rome, and it seemed like a good place to start.
I didnt expect to work too seriously as a Mistress in the eternal city under the eye of the pope or even do much BDSM to be honest, but apparently I was wrong. Italy may be behind the times on some things, due to its strong family tradition and religious values, but it had without a doubt discovered its kinky side, and Rome in particular desperately needed a talented, experienced and passionate Mistress to guide its many curious first time submissives. And so here I am, still in Rome five years later, doing everything possible to live and sustain a 24/7 alternative lifestyle, creating my own vastly supplied BDSM dungeon, and expanding into the world of fetish entertainment and art. From travelling to all the best fetish events, to modeling, performing, teaching, painting, and anything else possible that permits me to feed my soul continuously, and live my true passion, nature and sexuality, in an open and honest manner.

2018 05 27