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Empress Angelique


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Empress Angelique
Empress Angelique
Empress Angelique
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1 year
Please call me on
Gary , United States
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Mistresses mention theDominationWeb!

I am located in the NW Indiana/Chicago area. Im a multi-dimensional genuine dominant woman who can be very playful/sensual or very strict/demanding, yet patient and nurturing. depending on my mood. I dont yell or give commands 24/7, but dont be fooled; you will be completely in my service. I am also a sadist, I desire to torture, exploit, torment and objectify you in every which way I please. I love bending men to my will, and having complete control over them. I know every man who browse my site is not a submissive or slave and just an ordinary male who is just looking to start his journey on a path where nonjudgemental of their deepest fantasies or fetish(s) without the extreme of being dominated or pain and thats fine too.
I have always been dominant, I love what I do and I respect the fact that my lifestyle is protected by those that are willing to submit to me, and I enjoy this way of life for the responsibility it brings as well as the rewards You will enjoy worshiping me. I believe pleasure through pain is indeed the skill of a true Mistress so I am very strict. Your Empress is stunningly evil. I take pleasure from watching you submit to me completely.
Many submissives/slaves here ask me, what I am looking for. Simple, first and foremost--honesty. One would think that this is easy to come by but believe me--online--it is very hard to find.
I want control ober you but I want your surrender to be inspired--that to me makes the difference. I can be strict and demanding but always loving and very fair. You will also know that your feelings, thoughts and opinions are important to me but my word is final and will never be questioned. You must feel a deep craving inside you to serve and please.
What will be excepted of you? Obedience, transparency, service, devotion, trust. You will be my slut, slave, muse, treasure, and best friend. Youre excepted to meets my needs (as I am, yours), to please and serve me. I will discipline you when needed. I feel a great deal of responsibility towards a submissive and take this seriously. In turn, I will offer you love, care, acknowledgement, protection, guidance, so much more--to include the exploration of your desires.
I am on spiritual path in my life and our relationship would embody this. What gives me pleasure in this lifestyle is the deep devotion to one another, which can only come out of trust. And with trust--obedience.
My experience so far in here has been truly unbelievable with the rampant misrepresentation that goes on in these sites. Not only the subs but the Doms which only makes my search so much more difficult because the subs become jaded with the players and fakes they encounter. Even the brightest people can be easily fooled by these desperate, lonely people. As result I have very clear method of confirming your realness, if its not met, you are a player--period.

2016 05 03