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Foot Goddess


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Foot Goddess
Foot Goddess
Foot Goddess
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1 year
Please call me on
London, United Kingdom
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Mistresses mention theDominationWeb!

The fact that you have entered My site can mean only one thing - that you are devoted to beautiful sensual women but more specifically, to the adoration of perfect feet.
You have found, in Me, a true devotee to the art of receiving foot worship. You will pay homage to My feet with a loving tenderness and reverence and if such devotion takes time to learn, then so be it!
I have a beautiful olive complexion and a perfect statuesque hour-glass figure. I am the epitome of feminine decadence sophisticated elegant, a natural tease and I am stimulated by erotic situations.
I have perfect long, shapely legs and My sculpted calves and ankles will make you go weak at the knees, whether they are adorned in vintage stockings and exquisite shoes, or other luxury items which I may, in time, allow you to choose.
I may allow you to graze your cheek and tongue against the soft velvety skin of My beautifully pedicured pharaoh's feet or I may choose to explore the inside of your mouth with My perfectly aligned toes. I find it relaxing. Another pleasure for you will be to massage My elegant arches and soles.
I may have you tied helplessly at My feet while I play with your exposed genitals with My stocking-clad feet. It amuses Me. Other favorite activities of Mine involve trampling, with or without My 6 inch heels, human footstool, under the table foot worship, deep throat foot worship and licking food from My feet.
If I allow you the pleasure of a visit, you will want to come again and again. Whether I allow you this privilege will depend entirely upon your performance!.
My collection of tailored made to measure suits, knee length tight pencil skirts , sheer white silk blouse. Beautiful hosiery corsets from agent provocateur, suspenders and seemed stockings will have you speechless on your knees preferably under my desk.
I may allow you the pleasure of looking after my wonderful collection of shoes , or massaging my beautiful feet whilst wearing vintage seemed stockings or nylons.
y chambers are well fully equipped for both domestic sessions or role play sessions and BDSM sessions Other areas include beautiful boudoir styled room .
I do not answer with held numbers
My Location Central London W1 , 2 minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus.
Same day sessions call by 9am to confirm, weekend sessions call before 10am .
Hotel bookings By Appointment only central London , you will be required to pay for my transport .
International Travel available on request, Email your Goddess for further information .

2021 04 18