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Goddess Cleo


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Goddess Cleo
Goddess Cleo
Goddess Cleo
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1 year
Please call me on
East London, United Kingdom
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 My journey began very early on.... Having been gifted a lovely large carved wooden rocking horse for my very first Christmas, my love of all things equine was established.  When my parents gave me my first riding crop, I admired the crop in my hand, turned towards my brother sitting beside me, and promptly tried it out on him - much to the disappointment of my parents, and my little brother...  I was eight years old.

The years have treated me well.  Being fourth generation Australian, I grew up on a farm, have travelled to many countries, lived in some of the most beautiful cities in the world, met  people from all walks of life and throughout the course of my life I have come to acquire a variety of skills.
As an award winning equestrienne, I believe that my passion for riding, handling and training horses directly translated to a love of controlling men who are responsive to Dominant women, or are submissive during play.  I find most men who need and desire the control and guidance of a strong woman in order to bring out the best in them all rather intriguing...  People in general can sometimes be a bit immature and hot headed, men much more so than strong women, but perhaps I'm biassed.  The psychology behind what makes people tick, the analysis of their actions and reactions, their motivation for carrying out fantasies and realities, their interpretation of feelings, thoughts and emotions - is an interest of mine that is particularly fascinating.

Approaching the art of domination from a slightly more sensual angle, don’t be fooled into believing I’m not sadistically inclined when the mood strikes, or if it’s appropriate to the style of play.  My BDSM skills have been cultivated through years of lifestyle play, professional experience and hands-on training under the guidance of experienced Doms and Dominas, along with the help of some truly wonderful submissives.
I enjoy what I do, and take great delight in playing with respectful fetishists, masochists, submissives, slaves, and bottoms.  You should feel confident to acknowledge your innermost fantasies in a safe, relaxed, elegant atmosphere.  Most aspects of BDSM can be explored in a variety of settings and venues around London.  I am not simply a "pay to flay" Domme and being Dominant isn't a role play for me - it IS me.  I like Power.  I like Control.  I like Independence.  I like Respect.  This is my lifestyle.  This is me.  This is who I am....


Below is an inexhaustible list of many of my interests, please click on the activity to see a description.  If you are into something that is not listed, please do enquire with me - the activities I do not engage in are listed at the bottom of this page.

Body Worship
Boot, Shoe & Foot Worship
Breath Play
Chastity Control
Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)
Corporal Punishment (Heavy)
Corporal Punishment (Mild)
Corsets & Lingerie
Double Domme
Face Sitting
Face Slapping
Forced Bi
Gags & Hoods
Latex, Rubber & PVC
Maid / Sissy Training

Nipple Tease
Puppy / Pony Training
Roleplay Fantasies
Sensory Deprivation
Sensual Tie & Tease
Slave Training
Water Sports
Wax Play
Whipping / Flogging

2018 01 23