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Goddess Obey


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Goddess Obey
Goddess Obey
Goddess Obey
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1 year
, United States
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I have NO interest in any personal relationships. Not seeking romance. No flings. No long term relationships. I dont want your mouth on me. Dont want to see your cock. Dont even want to hear about it. You are the all singing, all dancing crap of the world. I have no trust in you, or anyone else for that matter. And you can thank several humans for that.So, before we go any further, unless youre a piggy squealing to serve, the answer is NO.Yes Im a hopeless romantic. My thigh tattoos are a constant reminder. Keyword : slaves only . No exceptions, I do not care how cute you are. Im not looking to play. Im looking for a relationship with you AND your wallet. I want to be worshipped. I will be worshipped.I am NOT a prodomme. that lifestyle is over and done with.A Mistress is a Female owner of slaves or a Woman who dominates and takes control of those who submit to Her. A Goddess however is so much more than this. She is One who must be worshipped and adored. She requires Her subjects to be completely devoted to Her and willing to do anything to please Her, serve Her and make Her happy. She expects to be presented with offerings that will please and placate Her, and she will wreak vengeance on those who do not do this. She is the divine incarnate. She is the embodiment of all that is noble, true, wise and beautiful. She should be held in awe. Her slaves must worship the ground She walks on and humbly grovel at her feet begging to be considered worthy enough to serve Her. For a Goddess is One who is truly great and demands total respect, devotion and adoration at all times and forever.wishlist < for those who asked, though when making a wishlist purchase, I want the tracking information, timewasters beware!$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $available for the following for MY subbies (tribute is a must , do not waste My time) this does not mean you can just contact me expecting any of these. I am not a service.I AM NOT A PRODOMME, these services are for piggies who have earned their place. consensual blackmail sissification/forced feminization sissy school keyholding financial domination foot goddess photo requests video requests ball busting foot worship sessions lingerie, stockings, and such are available for purchase I also suggest you research the definition of Financial Fetish before you contact me..$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $I am seductive. I am sleek. I get what I want. you give it to Me. I am not your girlfriend. I am your Goddess. I adore you, but I can bite your head off and have you coming back for more. as My slave you follow a contract. as a keyholder, you follow my rules, pay the fees. I can turn you into a begging, sissy girl. I will own you, your life, your mind, your body, your heart, your wallet. you obey My commands. you speak when spoken to. you ask for permission. good pets get treats. I am a living, breathing Goddess. I will get into your head. Wiggle My sexy way into your heart. Capture your soul. you will do what I want. you will empty your wallet for Me because you will fall in love with Me. I practice the art of seduction. No insta - domme material here. I want long term , meaningful relationships with my piggies... I accept very few, turn down multitudes of those aspiring to be at my feet.Fees are based on income. I am a Dominant. I get off knowing you are setting your hard earned cash aside for Me. I dont want to ruin you. I want you coming back for more. If you barely get by on bills but can scrape up some cash each month to spoil Me, put that money aside just for Me. I want you to refuse to buy that coffee and donut because youd rather spend that money on Me.... thats true, utter submission. And its is what I seek from you. It satisfies Me.When discussing My lifestyle with a precious submissive of Mine, I came to a wonderful metaphor : A true Goddess D/s relationship is like a young child chasing a Butterfly through a cornfield... As the Butterfly, You never want the child to actually grasp You, merely lure him to continue chasing. As the child, you never want to lose sight of that Butterfly, but as you chase, you get lost in the cornfield.rules: 1. I want your money. We will build a last relationship while you give me money. A beautiful, loving, monetary D/s relationship. Dont contact me without money unless you want blacklisted immediately.timewasters beware. 2. I am the boss. I respond to messages when I want to. If I need rest, I get rest. I dont answer to you. you answer to ME. Thats the beauty of Dominance. 3. I am always right. I am a Goddess. 4. I do not perform for you. I am a Goddess. 5. I am Queen. 6. NO physical contact unless you are taking Me shopping (and only shopping) or have paid handsomely for a ballbusting session or foot worship session. I am a Goddess to be worshipped. Not a plaything. 7. No matter how much money you spend on Me, you have no rights and I have no obligations. 8. Rules subject to change without notice. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ I love wine and cheese. Devious Maids owns My soul. Lipstick is My gasoline. Chocolate is a way to My heart. I am a mother. and a damn proud one. I am horny as fck 102% of the time. I should have been born in the 40s-50s or the 80s. I missed My eras. I really am 98% lesbian. and just enjoy toying with most boys... until the right cock comes along. this does not automatically mean that I want your cock. use your brain for once. High maintenance , cuddly Bitch.

2021 01 28