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Goddess Siren


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Goddess Siren

Tel: 07985212111

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Goddess Siren
Goddess Siren
Goddess Siren
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1 year
Please call me on
london, United Kingdom
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Mistresses mention theDominationWeb!
Welcome my name is Goddess Siren. I am a beautiful, highly educated, well spoken, strong black london mistress who loves sensual domination and slave correction. My natural aura of authority made it make sense that I become a professional dominatrix. I love obedience and servitude and a man that knows how to treat a lady. I have 9 years of experience and I am very open minded. I have a creative mind and enjoy the diversity of the subject and always look forward to imaginative scenarios. Session are in a safe, secure domestic setting but you can request a dungeon setting in North, East, West and South London. I also love the thrill of hotel visits.

My sadistic side enjoys the agony in your eyes, the tremors running down your body, and the pleasure of seeing you quivering on your knees at my mercy. I have an amazing Amazonian physique, statuesque with a captivating smile but dont be fooled I have a sting in my tail!!! You will get to worship an ass that most guys can only dream about as I tower of you at a height of 61 in my heels!

You will learn that you exist only for my pleasure and you will learn to love your position beneath me. I mean I am a woman with needs, life can sometimes get boring. I enjoy my body to be worshipped! Impress me! You will become my entertainment! You will become my toy! There is no need to feel scared as I will lead you away from your fears. Look at my sessions page and see if there is anything that interests you.

I found domination to be a new world to me. The more I explored the more I found it pleasurable and fun. I grow more in my sadistic nature and getting a real kick out of being in control. While you are at my mercy I will use you and your services to make me happy.

Women are superior and men are inferior in my eyes. I always knew this in my heart but never realised it until I came of age. I cannot even go back into a vanilla/normal way of being when I know that laying the laws, doing what I want, being treated as the queen I am and abusing the minuet figure we know as slaves is much more fun…
I love to teach discipline, teach manners and point out individual faults. I expect honesty and courtesy at all times. I conduct beginner sessions, specialised sessions, slave training and general parties which you can read more about on the sessions page.

Come and share your fetishes and fantasies with me. You can contact me via email to or call me on 07985 212 111 and I will respond back to you

Come and grow with me, Ill educate and train you on how to be

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