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Goddess Sophia


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Goddess Sophia
Goddess Sophia
Goddess Sophia
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1 year
Please call me on
East London, United Kingdom
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Mistresses mention theDominationWeb!

"A beauty that effortlessly commands slavery, complete devotion and total obedience, Sophia, the most dazzling incarnation of the eternal Goddess. 

To meet Her is to experience an invasion of shock and awe - you will never recover; nothing will be the same again; there is only surrender, a desperate need to please Her and devote your life to Her as a living sacrifice. 
In Her exquisite eyes you will see where dreams become reality; beneath Her perfect feet you will touch your future; all fantasy comes true in the flow of Her sublime limbs and the enchantment of Her voice. She is the destination of the slave's searching quest, the beginning and the end, the hell and the heaven, salvation and destruction. 
She offers redemption through the gift of pain, enlightenment through suffering, expecting only, in return, what is Hers by right - the futile offerings of your body, mind and soul. All is not enough to kneel in the presence of Divinity" - slave 02
I am a tall, flame haired, beautiful, English Domina. I am intelligent, educated, and elegant with a wicked disposition! I excel in training my slaves to total submission - breaking their will, and moulding them to my exact specifications into creatures whose sole reason for being is to serve and amuse me. 
Whether I am feeling soft and sensual, or strict and severe; through instruction and enforcement, reward and punishment, my slaves reach ever deeper levels of servitude as they strive to meet my exacting standards. 
I do not offer intimate body worship, hardsports, or sexual services of any kind, and I do not tolerate those who waste my time asking for them. 
I genuinely enjoy what I do, and quickly establish a rapport with my clients; whether it be the traditional Mistress/slave dynamic or a more relaxed atmosphere - I do have a sense of humour! 
I session from a spacious, multi-room premises featuring a large, fully equipped dungeon with a suspension frame, St. Andrews cross, and 4-poster bondage bed; a medical room with gynecology chair and dentist chair; and a plush boudoir, TV wardrobe, and stripper pole for my sissies! There is also a large room which a van can be driven into via a roller shutter and a prison cell - perfect for kidnap scenarios. My chambers are in east London, a short journey from Liverpool Street Station. 
I demand that when you arrive you are clean and behave in a courteous manner; you may also show your devotion by bringing a gift (see my wish list). 
Audiences with me are strictly by appointment only, and only to those who speak to me respectfully and convince me that I will find them at the least amusing. If you wish to apply for an appointment you may contact me by telephone or e-mail. For same day bookings I require a minimum of 2 hours notice.
2019 04 19