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Lady Chyna


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Lady Chyna
Lady Chyna
Lady Chyna
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1 year
Please call me on
Toronto , Canada
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From the Far East but raised in Canada, I am an enchanting Chinese Goddess who combines the gentleness of the Orient with the cruelty of an experienced Canadian Mistress. To the novice, I can be a sensual and understanding companion, guiding you through your erogenous BDSM and fetish fantasies with creative use of toys, roleplaying, heels, stockings, latex and leathers, strap on training, discipline, caning, sissy training, sensory deprivaton, teasing, foot worship and subtle Asian manipulation. To the long term slave, I can be an imperious and cruel domina, laughing at your suffering and humiliation as you grovel at my feet. For more details in this regard please see my sessions page.

With the face of a model and the smile of an angel, I realized early in life the power I could exert over men. But dont let my innocent smile fool you. I am capable of, and delight in, using my charms to manipulate and torture the men who seek me out. I am subtly kind and sensitive to the needs of those who serve me, creating the BDSM fantasy you seek while still demanding your complete obedience and submission to my will. If you are just beginning to explore your BDSM desires, I offer a safe and understanding environment in which to do so.

I also take particular pleasure in interacting with experienced and intermediate BDSM players and long term slaves. Do you fantasize about experiencing ongoing subjugation to the will and whims of a beautiful woman? Through phone, email and in person training you can experience my control on an ongoing basis. This may include foot worship, heavy spanking and corporal punishment, bondage, nipple torture, CBT, strap on training, golden nectar, human furniture, smoking, spitting, slave or maid training and private or public humiliation.

Whether you are a curious novice, or an experienced player, in all of my activities sanity and safety are paramount. I will ask you to fill out a BDSM checklist before we meet, to ensure our mutual understanding of wants and exclusions. I will always respect your limits and you will respect mine. I encourage continuous and open communication during sessions and afterwards, and employ a system of safe words to further avoid any misunderstandings. If you think I might be the person you have been looking for, or you have an interest in other scenarios which you would like to discuss, please email me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

2017 09 20