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Lady Kim


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Lady Kim
Lady Kim
Lady Kim
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1 year
Please call me on
Massachusetts , United States
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Mistresses mention theDominationWeb!

As you can see I am a tall, statuesque Domme. What you see is really what you get. I tower at 63 in heels, and my body is natural, and yes, it is all me. I am a Dominant, so your position is to kneel and dance to my tune. I have many years of experience, and I will illuminate your session with my creative abilities. You have many choices regarding Dommes, so choose wisely, enjoy life, and get your ass over here.
Sometimes my softer side appears. With my years of experience I can guide and challenge you. I can be very feminine at times, as I pride myself in being a woman. I enjoy being playful in the right moment, but, do not let this fool you because if you are a bad, bad boy, I will punish you, and you will like it. I am sure you are smiling right now while reading this.
Fantasy fulfillment is erotica, and is one of my specialties. I will do my best to insure that your time spent with Me is creative and satisfying. In this realm, there are many possibilities.........There are boundaries as my offerings are the realm of true Domination, not escorting. Always. You are big boys and you understand this. I am not the girl in the yellow pages and this is NOT bedroom Domination. I am however, an addicting essence, and your time will be well spent, and your knees will be weak when I am done with you
Each Session is different in style, complexity, desire. You will be queried by Me prior to the session regarding your tastes, secret needs and hungers. Our compatibility is discussed in advance to insure your session is created just for you, as you are a special, submissive. We can discuss toys, dress for you, props, and all that jazz prior to you stepping into my realm. You may request a specific type of dress for me, and I may or may not dress for you, depending upon my mood. as I am the boss......I will guide your journey so that you will be like a moth to a flame......Sessions can be planned or improvised as your fantasy or fetish is a true collaboration of both parties......your limits will be respected but enhanced, and my limits, big boy, are my limits.
Read my Types of sessions page youll see exactly what I do.
My Sessions can illuminate an erotic, sensual side or can be rough, tough workouts of the mind and body. I can discern your experience level and we can take it from there to find those deep dark places you like to go to at the hands of a Mistress who towers in beauty and is statuesque. If you are not sure of your limits, we can create a learning path for you and discern your needs.

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