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Meesteres Manita


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Meesteres Manita
Meesteres Manita
Meesteres Manita
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1 year
Please call me on
Amsterdam , Netherlands
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Mistresses mention theDominationWeb!
Ich bin eine professionelle Domina mit mehrjhriger Erfahrung. Man kann mich auch ins Hotel rufen und besuche auch spezielle Gste in aller Welt.
Du bist auf der Seite einer Ultra - Bizarr Domina. Fast nichts ist unmöglich. Ich lasse Deine Wnsche wahr werden, realisiere Deine Trume und Phantasien von Fußerotik ber Verbalerotik und zu Flagellation. Du kannst alles mit mir ausprobieren, auch Natursekt und Kaviarspiele! Mehrere Jahre Erfahrung, medizinsche Ausbildung, Auftreten im Film und auf der Bhne zeugen von meiner Professionalitt. Neue Sklaven und alle anderen, die sich fr Bizarr - Erotik interessieren, sind Willkommen!

Whlen Sie aus den Möglichkeiten unten, oder kombinieren Sie das Programm, so daß es Ihnen am besten passt!
Sie können kein Spiel verlangen, das bleibende Schden verursacht!
Rufen Sie bitte an, wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben.
Since early childhood I liked being Dominant.
I didnt rest until the other children, sometimes with the help of my verbal or physical powers, did exactly what I wanted them to do.
Later when I was exploring the limits of my sexuality, someone very dear to me, introduced me in a swingers club to SM.
To my very surprise I got sexually excited by dominating another person, even without physical contact.
The power of control over pain or pleasure and the total devotion of a slave or masochist to my will, gave me long thought feelings.
After practicing SM privately, I decided to make my hobby into my work.
In the studio of the very experienced Mistress Maxime in Amsterdam, I learned the last "tricks of the trade" in being a professional Dominatrix.
During the time I worked with Mistress Maxime I had the opportunity to learn about techniques and play forms, I wouldnt have got to know privately.
Therefore I am Mistress Maxime very grateful for the many things I learned under her guidance.
On the other hand it gave me the opportunity to find out more about my own preferences during a SM session.
Especially the harder forms of SM I like most.
Slaves ( both male and female ) and masochists looking for a truly hard, leather clad and demanding Mistress, will feel their place at my high heeled feet.
Probably my strongest weapons of correction are my beautiful and powerful eyes.
Just by looking I can break the will of most rebelling slaves or masochists.
My demands are high, both physical and emotional I demand absolute devotion, loyalty and suffering from a slave.
But the sweet kisses or loving caresses they receive for endured pain or humiliation, let them quickly forget their sorrow, and will give them the proud feeling of being the slave of " the Mistress ".
For beginners, but willing to be trained to obey a dominant Mistress, I can be patient and careful.
I know how important a first experience with SM is.
Many promising good slaves are lost to the scene for ever because he or she got in the hands of a non-professional, money hungry so called Mistress.
I hope to see you soon
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