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1 year
Please call me on
Missouri , United States
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January 7, 2011

Am a Manor was established in 1990, by Mistress Deborah. She created what is now a world class dungeon. Ama Manor resides in a historic house, that was built in 1890, its located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The Manor caters exclusively to BDSM and Fetishes.

The Manor as we fondly call it; hosts private play parties for the BDSM group, The Unnamed Group. They meet once a month at the Manor. If you are interested in more information about the group, please visit their web site at, for more information about meeting the group and possibly attending a party.

Ama Manor has been a passion of Mistress Deborahs from the beginning. Mistress Deborah has created different theme rooms within the Manor; Classroom, Sensation Room, Medical Clinic and of course the fabulous Basement Dungeon. Currently we are converting the Sissy Boudoir into a rigging room. Deborah has hand picked each and every item in the Manor. Even most of the BDSM furniture was designed and created by the Mistress.

Aside from having a fabulous historic house to play in, it is also very well maintained and stocked with everything from paddles, floggers, whips, crops, sissy clothing, latex Vac-Bed and beautiful BDSM furniture. It is truly a fantasy land for those who are in the scene.

If you would like to visit Mistress Deborah, the next step to making your fetish fantasies come true, is to fill out the application. Please know that no session is ever done without going through the application process first. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you are planning a trip to Kansas City, please allow yourself at least a week in advance to set up your appointment. The process takes more than a day to complete.

We hope you enjoy Ama Manor as much as we do.

2018 04 24