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Mistress Alice


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Mistress Alice
Mistress Alice
Mistress Alice
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1 year
Please call me on
Hong Kong , Hong Kong
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I have wide and varied interests that are not limited to the list below, so you may contact me to enquire about specific interests that you dont see listed.
Foot and Leg worship
Using my delicious feet and red-polished toes to control and tease you with viewing, touching, smelling, rubbing and kissing of my toes and feet. Submitting to my exquisite shoes and boots.
Restraint of all types including cuffs, collars, gags, blindfolds, strait jackets, hoods, body bags, and rope bondage. I especially love erotic bondage incorporated with CBT; ranging from light to extremely restrictive.
Teasing and Tying/ Tormenting and Denial
The power of sensations: Biting and nibbling, pinching and twisting, flicking, pulling, poking, waxing, weighting (especially with a stirrup), kicking, trampling, scratching, slapping, spanking, spitting, tickling and stepping on sensitive body parts.
Corporal Punishment at all levels
Punishment scenarios, warm-up, spanking, flogging, caning, paddles, straps, riding quirts, whips, and tawses. I can be gentle with the novice and savage with those who dare to journey notch by notch to pain. You will experience the sensation of being simultaneously urged forward and held back, both whipped and curbed, resulting in stimulation added to stimulation, leading to the state of complete submission.
Domestic Discipline
Role play, over-the-knee spanking, paddles straps, canes and hairbrushes. The domestic discipline style is based on psychodrama, the enactment of a sensual ritual where the dramatic structure of the fantasy is just as important the physical sensations.
Golden Showers
Hot and plentiful and something in which I love to indulge.
Nipple torture and Cock and Ball Torture
A favourite! I can temper my enthusiasm for those who are learning to take light CBT and I can be harsh on the experienced. Clamps, tying, stirrup, electrics, kicking, cock rings and cbt weights....
Fetishes/Dressing Up
I delight in wearing costumes from tightly laced silk corsets, leather, lace, rubber, latex to gloves, high heels, and boots.
Fantasies/Role Play
There is no limit to the power of the imagination and the power of language. From Governess and Goddess to Queen, Amazon, Dominatrix and more. As an experienced Mistress I understand how to employ these roles to take advantage of their subtle individual charms.
Transformations /Male Femailing Gender Theatre
Sissy maid, transformations, cross dressing, forced feminization and exploring your feminine side. Who can resist the sense of compression inside a tightly laced corset or a locked chastity device.
Slave training
Molding submissives to meet my needs and desires.
Strap-ons, dildos of varying sizes vibrators, erotic adult toys....
Feel the thrill and overwhelming sense of being possessed and the intimacy that comes from the forceful persuasion of penetration.
Electrical stimulation
Can be applied in a private dungeon and play room.
Bondage incorporated with suspension in a well equipped dungeon.
BDSM, Fetish submission and foot worship only with Hong Kong Mistress Alice. Legal, safe, and consensual play only. No illegal, sexual or non-consensual activities.
2021 03 05