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Mistress Athena


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Mistress Athena
Mistress Athena
Mistress Athena
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10-15 year 's
Please call me on
London, United Kingdom
Activity / Interests
Verbal Abuse
Water Sports
Slave Training
Sensual Tie & Tease
Sensory Deprivation
Roleplay Fantasies
Nipple Tease
Wax Play
Whipping / Flogging
Nipple Torture
Forced Masturbation
Forced Feminization
Nipple play and NT
Torture including CBT
Psychological domination
Medical / Needle Play
Maid / Sissy Training
Latex, Rubber & PVC
Corporal Punishment (Mild)
Corporal Punishment (Heavy)
Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)
Chastity Control
Breath Play
Boot, Shoe & Foot Worship
Body Worship
Corsets & Lingerie
Double Domme
Gags & Hoods
Forced Bi
Face Slapping
Face Sitting
Anal / Strap-On Play
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I am the femme fatale of the north, I am the Infamous Mistress Athena

I am an experienced Dominatrix with over 10 years play in BDSM.

And also the Perverted Goddess to the sissy/slut whores.

I am well known in all parts of the UK,and played from the best chambers.

I have my own personal chambers in Huddersfield,I also have the use of the best Chambers in Leeds.

Come play in the Yorkshire Dungeons in Leeds Huddersfield

I have a very twisted mind, but the face of an angel.

An experiened LifeStyle Mistress and Pro Domina,

Sensual and Alluring Sadist, with a passion for Tvs, Sissys and Whores

Born in Manchester and raised in Yorkshire,Mistress Athena has had Both the Citie Life and the Country Living,She is
very artistic and this shows in her love of role play.

An acomplished equestrian in her younger days,makes her more apt to play with the human ponys.

She loves to take the fantasie and make it a reality of anyone who dares to dream.

At 5 3 in stocking feet,and 5 8 in heels,she proudly walks around the male species that writh at her feet.

She is the ever changing Mistress,like the camelion,and takes great pride in this.

Mistress Athena is very easy on the eye,with the face of an angel and her long flowing hair, petite frame,she has
made on more than one occastion grown men cry.

She Alternates her time,between both West Yorkshire Dungeons,The Huddersfield Chambers Leeds Chamber

She is Athena Goddess of Wisdom,Mistress of Manipulation a Divine Dominatrix.

Mistress Athena is a dominant,Born to Rule,Born To Lead,she has many friends from the time spent within
the dungeon walls,that will now stay with her for the rest of her life,they are now in her close circle of friends,
So you see MistressAthena can be very freindly when out of session,and you two could end up two in that
circle if your lucky

2019 06 25