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Mistress Damiana Chi


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Mistress Damiana Chi
Mistress Damiana Chi
Mistress Damiana Chi
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1 year
Please call me on
Los Angeles, United Kingdom
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Mistresses mention theDominationWeb!

My name is Damiana Chi (dah mee ah nuh chee). I have been a Professional Dominatrix since 2000, and a lifestyle Domina for most of my adult life. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I am an all-American girl, but my Chinese-Filipina ethnicity and fluency in Cantonese brings exoticness to my character.
A Cut Above
I am proud of the reputation that I have built as one of the most well-respected, established, experienced and skilled Dominas in L.A. What sets Me apart is my understanding of psychology, which is at the heart of BDSM play. I have a keen intuitive sense of what it is you crave about being before Me, and I make it a reality. Just as every individual is different and unique, sessions are individualized and unique with every person.
Style of Play
My play style ranges according to who I am playing with because the Domme plays off the subs energy. I can be compassionately instructional to mischievously playful to fearfully strict to wickedly sadistic. In my presence, you will experience the kind of Dominant Woman you thought existed only in your dreams: classy, intelligent, creative, powerful and always in control. My mesmerizing beauty, dominant demeanor and artful skill will excite and intimidate you...but my intuitive nature will make you feel safe in your submission to Me. Realizing your dark, secret, forbidden fantasies and controlling your very being is what I crave the most. As your trusted guide and devious tormentor, I will pry open and explore those deep, hidden, perverted parts of your psyche and imagination. I will use my Feminine powers against you and take absolute delight in forcing you to be my slave and plaything. I will bring you to a place where you have secretly longed to be, a place where deep in your heart you know you belong - completely surrendered, under My complete control.


I enjoy a wide range of BDSM activities in sessions. It is very important that you review this list

to make sure we have common interests before contacting Me. All of the following ranges from

light to heavy play depending on your tolerance level and experience.

corporal punishment discipline (spanking, caning, paddling, cropping)
whipping (single tail, legree, cat o nine tail) flogging (leather, suede, latex)
bondage (rope-simple to elaborate, leather cuffs, plasticwrap mummification, leather straps, duct tape)
slave bitch training
forced feminization, cross dressing, sissy maid training
imaginative psychodrama (creative role-play scenarios)
full suspension (body sling, sit harness, leather straps bondage) partial suspension

cbt (cb bondage, flogging cropping, clothespins, weights, electro-torture) ball-busting/ball-kicking
nipple torture (fingers, nails, nipple clamps, clothespins)
humiliation degradation (verbal abuse, bitch-slapping, spitting, human furniture, doormat, caged animal, spitoon, a.b.c. food, human trash can)?

electrical play (violet wand, tens unit, electro cb crusher)
human punching bag (boxing gloves, bare-fisted) (this does not include the head or face)

water sports
tickle torture
teasing denial
trampling (spike heels, blunt heels, boots, bare feet, stockinged feet)
smothering (over leather or pvc clothing--not lingerie )
sensation play (fingernails, feathers, pinwheel, vibration, hot wax ice)
foot, stocking, high heel boot worship
sensory deprivation (hoods, gags, blindfolds, earplugs)
medical fantasies play (speak to Me for details)
Cantonese sessions (My main language is English but I can also dominate in Cantonese, which is a lot of fun for Me. It doesnt matter if you do not understand what Im saying. I use it as another tool for intimidation.)

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