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Mistress Gaia


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Mistress Gaia
Mistress Gaia
Mistress Gaia
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1 year
Please call me on
Rome , Italy
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Mistresses mention theDominationWeb!

I am a Mistress, I live my life as a Prodomme. m a Goddess to be worshipped and served. m Italian, 23 years old, gorgeous and I know my role in life. I live an extreme D/s 24/7 relationship with my personal slave. He has a heavy collar that ties him to my will. On him I experiment and test all my most perverse practices. Now m here to give you pain for my pleasure, to take what I want and to leave you what you deserve. As you enter my dungeon you will lower your eyes and humbly kneel to me feet. You will forget what you are and what you want. You will suffer but you cant stop wanting it. Youll beg me to stop but in the deep of your soul you want your suffering to last forever. I do NOT offer sex, but control, pain and humiliation. I will listen to your pleas but in the end m the only one who sets the rules. I will respect your limits but you have to trust me. m intelligent, smart, experienced and I know the submissive mindset. I can be extreme with experienced slaves who want to go deep. but I can play softly too. I respect your privacy and I require you to respect mine.

Appearance and more:
- Age: 24 yo
- h.: 180cm (591)
- w.: 59 kg (130 lb)
- Clothing size: 10
- Shoe size: 6.5
- Eyes: blue
- Hair: black
- Sex behavior: bisex
- Nazionality: Italian
- Language spoken: Italian and English
What I offer is not for everyone. Slaves that would like to book a session must be aware of their role as well as mine. All the sessions must be booked in advance.
Live domination:
I offer live domination on male slaves, female slaves, couples. I have a huge, very well equipped and clean dungeon.
Public domination:
I have no problem to dominate you in public, but only after a first session in my dungeon because I want to know who you are. Maybe I can dominate you in front of my slave, only afterwards we can go out in public but always respecting other people and laws.
Cam or telephone domination:
You can listen to my voice, see me, worship me and obey me also if you prefer a virtual domination. These kind of sessions must be booked in advance too.
Extreme sessions:
If you want to witness an extreme session, seeing realized your fantasies as a spectator, I can make your dreams come true. Its possible for you to participate, but you have to tell me it in advance.
I can do incall and outcall sessions. But clear and precise agreement is more than needed.
As I have already stated I do NOT have sexual intercourse with anybody, so, please, DO NOT ask it to me, neither as a joke.
Rules are simple. You can politely book a session after reading all the sections of this site. Politely means that I require politeness in everything: from when you decide to call me to the numbers of calls if I dont answer. I do not answer private numbers. After you have booked an appointment and you decide for whatever reason to cancel it, LET ME KNOW IT, as well as if you are late. Give me a call as soon as possible. I hate to waste my time.

2018 03 17