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Mistress Henriette


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Mistress Henriette
Mistress Henriette
Mistress Henriette
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1 year
United Kingdom
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My name is Mistress Henriette. I am born and raised in Germany. In my appearance I belong to the typical Germanic-Nordic type with blonde hair and steel blue sharp piercing eyes. I have graduated with a master’s degree in human sciences and liberal arts. I am living in Barcelona and welcome all kinds of submissives in a stylish and well equipped dungeon in the center of Barcelona. In my nature and play, I range from sensual to strict, teasing to humiliating, and playful to sadistic. I am at my best breaking down barriers and expanding your psyche, discovering new facets of what you are capable of doing for me. But nevertheless, my play style ranges according to who I am playing with because the Mistress plays off the sub’s energy. I enjoy all flavors of submissives regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Come as you are and explore your potential with me. I will bring you to a place where you have secretly longed to be! My fetishes: - corporal punishment (whipping, flogging, caning, Japanese torture, German education) - slave training - foot worship / boot worship / socks worship / stinky feet worship - watersports, hardsports, spitting, messy play - tease and denial - bondage - humiliation and degradation - role play - CBT and ballbusting - slut training (strap on, large dildos, fisting) - feminization / sissy whore training - cuckhold (forced bi with alpha male possible, key holder) - public disgrace and much more! I DO NOT OFFER SEXUAL SERVICES - I am a traditional Mistress, not a fetish escort.

2022 01 21