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Mistress Nikola


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Mistress Nikola
Mistress Nikola
Mistress Nikola
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1 year
Sydney , Australia
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You cant find meaning of your life? Are you lost? Do you have that feeling that something or actually someone is really missing here?
Do you feel that tiny little vibration in your underbelly when someone gorgeous and beautiful like me gives you request and you just feel inside that you have to follow?
Answer for your questions is me Financial Dominatrix Princess Nikola. Im here to help you and give you new goals and reasons to be happy. We both know, your life is miserable and empty. You have to admit that you are submissive and become slave is your dream. Dont avoid it. Its inside of you and you will never get rid of it. Its nothing wrong with it. You just need me to help you out and let it go. I can give you a right way and you will follow. Because there is no option for any more decision in your miserable life what you can make. Your body is just screaming to be owned by Princess Nikola. And your wallet is begging to get empty and hand over to your princess Nikola. Your account says how irresponsible and pathetic you are and wants to be controlled by Your only Goddess you can ever have, Princess Nikola. You probably think you dont deserve to serve me. Anybody should have chance to fulfil his life though. Thats only reason why Im here, I give you this chance and help you and finally make you happy. I understand, its not really easy to find someone to perfect and ideal Goddess like me and pass couple of first tasks and be accepted. Its hard I know. Im greedy and selfish I know, but I learned myself, and at least give it chance to anyone. And once youll be accepted to serve me for rest of your life, youll be happier and happier. Because Youll be the first person wholl learn much more then me. Im perfect and youre not. This is absolutely allright. Im here to teach you how to be ideal slave for your princess Nikola, how to serve without mistakes and avoid any disappointing for me and perhaps for your little brain as well. My slave has to be still in focus on me, Im on your first place. If you would show up like greedy and selfish person, youll be very quickly re-educate to fit my image of ideal slavery. On the other hand,
Ill help you how to manage your kinks and fetish. True is, I might be very frisky sometimes. Thus, I would love to know everything about you, your kinks and your fantasies. Since I agree and accept you to be my financial slave. Since, youll show me your efforts to become better slave and be keen to please me more and more, you can be sure that you can serve me for rest of your life. Since you will be mine, I will never let you fall down again in solitary and emptiness. Suddenly, youll actually realize, how happy you are after your orgasm and account will be controlled by me. Your life and you kinks will be
much ease manage. Im here just only help you and give you the chance. Now is your only and last decision you have to make. Apply and try to pass through first steps if are you able to fill up my requirements.
So do you really think you can become
part of my Kinky World of Financial Domination Princess Nikola?

2018 03 25