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Mistress Octavia


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Mistress Octavia

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Mistress Octavia
Mistress Octavia
Mistress Octavia
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1 year
Please call me on
London, United Kingdom
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Mistresses mention theDominationWeb!

Mistress Octavia is like a breath of fresh air cutting through the “stale” dominatrix scene. She is young, beautiful and very well educated Prodom with a powerful personality and a great passion to have 100% control over the situation. She is a natural-born dominatrix and BDSM is her lifestyle.

Mistress Octavia is obsessed with orchestrating high-quality sessions for her slaves. She does not accept any authority and does not care what social level you are. You will be put in your place during the magical hours you spend as her slave.
Her professional presentation is a serious matter.
She takes great pride in her growing collection of fabulous latex, leather and PVC costumes. She seldom visits a fetish boutique without adding to her wardrobe. Her vital statistics are probably known to every fetish designer in London.
You must note that all services provided by Mistress Octavia are not intimated, and under no circumstances is sexual intercourse involved or allowed!
Mistress Octavia is highly talented in the art of BDSM. Having long experience within professional BDSM field, she will customize any session to suit your slavish fantasies. She provides mild to heavy sessions for the “newbie” and experienced connoisseur, for couples and single women. 
As a dominatrix for whom BDSM became a lifestyle, Mistress Octavia has large social circle of male and female friends of similar nature. Some of them are happy to submit her needs in real life or assist the Mistress in her sessions. One of her most favourite sessions arethe sessions where a naturally submissive girl is present. If you are interested in this offer, take your time to check a page “MISTRESS@SLAVEGIRL”.
Mistress Octavia had the luck and un luck to be born under the most unpredictable, powerful and sexiest sign of the Zodiac. She is the Scorpio. She can easily commit financial “suicide” refusing to provide you with a session if she didn’t like you or manners of your behavior. Also, like other Scorpios, she is a creature of extremes.
The Mistress’ major specialization is the heavy side of BDSM. She really enjoys providing her slaves with sessions where she can indulge her cruel and sadistic nature, create a real pain and even to go to the extremes. You going to feel that you are in the hands of Evil.
The other side of Mistress Octavia is completely the opposite. It is a very sensual side based on her natural empathic skills, reading people’s minds and body language. She never goes wrong in terms of knowing what her client wants and how to deliver it at the right moment, heightening pleasure to the point of total euphoria. This gift has helped the Mistress to progress to the highest level in the arts of Sensual Domination. Combining the knowledge of White Tantra with long experience within the BDSM field, Mistress Octavia has created her own unique service using BDSM alone, which delivers the results of Tantra. Using specific techniques and textures which are more prevalent in Tantric Therapy, she can allow her slaves access to endless ecstasy and the incredible experience of “whole body” orgasms. If you are interested to try this new service please don't forget to check the page BDSM@TANTRA for more information.
Mistress Octavia is available for her sessions at few best-equipped Central London dungeons ( for more information please visit a page “DUNGEONS” ) and two domestic venues. 
Mistress Octavia is happy to visit you in your hotel room or do home outcalls if you are based within Central London. The minimum time of outcall appointments is two hours.
Emailed scenarios are welcome once your appointment has been confirmed and verified.
2021 11 29