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Mistress Sadie


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Mistress Sadie
Mistress Sadie
Mistress Sadie
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1 year
Please call me on
London, United Kingdom
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If you seek a Mistress who is strikingly beautiful, sophisticated, skilled and cruel - one who can see assist you in your search to attain your darkest desires, then read on and welcome to my realm...
The Look:
My skin is of a soft subtle yellow hue, My features European, My hair long and black but mostly worn up. I am tall, sophisticated and slim with a very long neck and prominent collar bones. Well-toned, I possess prowess, presence and poise and have been an excellent sportswoman in the past (nowadays preferring tennis for fun). A classic air about My person, My accent is cut glass English/RP and I am an entertaining and articulate conversationalist: as stated by those who have previously enjoyed My company.
Dressing up in many of My vintage outfits including full Victorian wear is a great pleasure for Me, I own a selection of amazing period costumes and beautiful corsets and Ive an extremely small corseted waist; it has to be said. I also have a penchant for rubber gloves.
The Domme - Operating an Unequal Opportunities Policy:
As a Domme I see myself as an artisan. I specialise in many areas and take my lifestyle seriously: for Me, BDSM and the fetish indulgence is an art unto itself - something which I have learnt over some years since My teens; although I have not been a Domme for all of them (years).
Meeting Mistress - a daunting but gratifying process:
To be considered
You must be a true sub wanting to attain an ongoing M/s relationship or; a fetishist who is willing to show extreme graciousness
You must not have a regional accent (slight Scottish acceptable)
You must have an excellent command of English
You must not be impatient
You must be well-educated
You must have tact
You must be sufficiently financially stable to sponsor/contribute toward my projects
I usually attend Club Pedestal - see if you can ID Me, approach Me if you dare...
Some of My specialities include:
Vintage/historic; salons, bloomer showings modesty and disgust
Medical/examination - especially forced/with bondage
Asphyxia/breathe play
Golden Showers
Chains bondage
Face slapping
CBT - all forms
Puppy and pony play
Financial domination
Martial arts
I do not indulge in the following:
Body worship by touch
Sexual intercourse
A History:
Adept in the art of sadism and many other forms of fetishism (those which I enjoy) my journey of the sadist indulgence started when I was destitute and 18 - I became a phone Mistress and quickly learnt the perverse concepts and forms that inhabited others minds that I had believed to be unique to my own, that were subsequently put into practice; although I had as a child/early teen been one of great perception, imagination and early awakening..
Later on in life in my early twenties I returned to education (after my exclusion aged 13) and am now post-grad educated (in both Science and the Arts) however I believe that I have always held to (and still do) the following saying:
The only way is ones own
My sadistic trait has been something that I have, throughout certain times in my life, recognised and ignored, hated and cherished. Nowadays it is encouraged, cultured and treasured. I find that I am naturally gifted with regard to psychological intuition and intelligence - trust Me and let Me take you over...
My Aims and Objectives:
Consider Me an assertive but polite gentlewoman when taking an interest in My vintage fetish and One who transpires to the other extreme when and as She pleases - attempting and reaching devastation - carrying out My darkest scenarios on you.
I am interested in meeting a potentially perfect slave/sub - that that wants to be crafted, moulded and exacted to My standards, to be put through My system; showing My love through punishment and taking the psyche to the very edge, testing standards and exploring boundaries and limits: all of which are within My agenda. And I do prefer to be around those who are educated and cultured and those who can greatly appreciate a woman of substance, curiosity and opinion.
Words from some of my sluts:
If it is possible or advisable for my heart to warm to one who could pain me so much, it has...As I have read once, the definition of style is the shortest distance between two full stops. You have style.
Being brutalised at your leisure, sleeping or rather lying awake chained hand and foot and collared as a piece of flesh to inflict horror upon or more rarely tenderness (the flinch at your unexpected kindness). Mistress, I hope I slowly improve for your uses. I try to take the strap with less objection (and indeed, miss it greatly when it is denied) but know that I must work harder on the larger of your c*cks. Your slut is glad that he bled for you.
My service has always been something that lies in your beautiful cruel hand.
I cannot describe the absolute depth of my terror! And still I do not understand how tender and utterly yours I feel after those dark moments.
You can be extremely nasty and skilled about it too
I felt like a human pet
2019 03 27