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Tel: 773 931 3086

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15-20 year 's
Please call me on
Chicago , United States
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World Renowned Mistress Xena has dominated men professionally since 2001. Mistress Xena is an erotic, sadistic Dominatrix and an absolute vision of powerful beauty. Her brown, hypnotic eyes mesmerize anyone who gazes into them. Her body is a gorgeous hour glass figure; Mistress Xena is a curvy, bombshell pin-up Goddess.

Mistress Xena loves encasing herself in luscious latex, a sexy cinched corset, or vintage lingerie that accentuates her beautiful, devastating body. To finish the look she will await a slave in either a glamorous pair of divine heels or force them to worship Her legs that are laced tight in a pair of sensational boots. To the lucky ones that worship Her feet, She demands your hands to be strong, and to pamper Her like the Queen that She is.

Depending on Her mood, it ranges from erotic and sensual to what could be the most unforgiving, sadistic experience that Her clients desire. Mistress Xena tailors every session personally to fit each submissive. However, She demands that potential clients to be perfectly clear in describing exactly what they want so She can create the best session that suits their needs. Mistress Xena assures all of Her clients shall be satisfied because Her professionalism assures their privacy and respects all limits.

Availability: Mistress Xena accepts sessions by appointment only. She is available everyday, from 10am-10pm. Same day appointments can be done, but a 24 hour notice is preferred.

Where: Sessions are held at The Studio in Chicago, 10 minutes South of Downtown Chicago.

Length: 1 hour or longer. Extended or Overnight sessions are offered, as well. 1/2 hour sessions are out of the question.

Tributes: Price will be given to you via phone. Do NOT negotiate prices. Cash is only accepted. If you are a new client, a deposit is necessary to book your desired time slot.

What Mistress Does NOT offer:  Nudity On Her Part, Massages, Red Showers, Blood Sports, Fire Play, Cuckolding Scenes, & Play Piercing.

Contact: Email or Call to schedule an appointment. Blocked or Private Calls will not be answered. Calls are limited to 5 minutes. At least one phone conversation is necessary, so you may communicate your ideal session with Mistress Xena. Phone Hours: 10am-10pm. Contact: / 773.931.3086




Forced Feminization

Sensory Deprivation


Medical Fetish


CBT / CBB / Ballbusting



Electrical Play

Tease & Denial


Financial Domination

Foot/Leg Worship

Shoe/Boot Worship



2021 01 17