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Ms. Maya Midnight


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Ms. Maya Midnight
Ms. Maya Midnight
Ms. Maya Midnight
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1 year
Please call me on
New York , United States
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Mistresses mention theDominationWeb!

I am a skillful and intelligent lifestyle Mistress based in NYC, currently accepting enjoyable sessions with submissives and fetishists of all experience levels.

I have a wide range of interests, but particularly enjoy sadism, verbal humiliation, and (safely, consensually) pushing limits. Explore My website to learn more about Me, My favorite activities, and how you can apply to serve.

I enjoy many aspects of BDSM. My main interest is in scenes of extreme physical or psychological submission. Lighter players should not be scared by this, as dedication and effort matter much more to Me than how much you can actually take.

While I enjoy pushing limits, I never violate them.

The bolded interests are My favorites.

I love sadistic scenes ranging from traditional disciplinary spankings to harsh interrogation scenes to fun torture playtime and everything in between. Some of my interests include: Corporal Punishment / Meditative torture / Domestic Discipline / Interrogation Scenes / Spanking / Canes / Whips / Paddles / Ballbusting / Nipple torture / Electrical torture / Face slapping / Hot wax / Cigarette torture / Temperature play.

Humiliation is a specialty of Mine. My style is bratty and I can be very, very cruel. Embarrassment is one of My favorite tools. I enjoy: Verbal humiliation / Public humiliation / Creative physical humiliation / Cuckolding roleplay / Small penis humiliation / Financial domination / Shaving / Objectification / Forced feminization.

Slave training. I will train you to be the best submissive you can be. Brainwashing / Protocols / Discipline / Puppy play / Pony play / Forced intoxication / Behavior modification / Domestic servitude.

Fetishes. I cater to a wide range of fetishes, from the common to the obscure. For very stinky feet and sweaty smelly armpits, you may be required to make a deposit, especially during cooler months. Post-workout sessions are impossible because I do not work out. Foot and Leg worship / Armpit worship / Latex worship / Leather worship / Stocking/heel/shoe/boot worship / Stinky foot fetish / Foot domination / Fully clothed, non-intimate ass worship at My discretion.

Smoking. As a smoker, I enjoy these sessions quite a bit. For smoking sessions I require you to bring a pack of Marlboro No. 27s. Human ashtray / Cigarette torture / Smoking fetish.

Roleplay and Fantasies. I love: Cuckolding roleplay / Bratty college girl / Strict teacher / Evil schoolgirl / Military / Interrogation / Religious roleplay / Giantess fantasy / Castration fantasy / Consensual non-consent / Hypnosis fantasy / much much more.

Crossdressing and gender-bending. I conduct My sessions in a space equipped with a nice supply of lingerie, dresses and heels for My crossdressers. Sessions can be fun girltime or completely emasculating and humiliating, depending on your tastes. Crossdressing / Forced feminization / Full transformation / Sissy training.

Restraint. Bondage / Mummification / Leather restraints.

Couples. I can teach you how to establish a D/s relationship, help your spouse dominate you, or dominate you both.

Multi-Domme sessions. If you dont already have someone in mind I can make a recommendation based on your physical type and the kind of session we are doing.

This is an incomplete list. I have many other interests and I particularly enjoy unusual fetishes. After three years as a professional Mistress, few things put a smile on My face like the opportunity to experiment with a fetish or kink Ive never encountered before.

Hard Limits

I am strictly dominant. I do not sub or switch.

Absolutely no sex of any kind. I wont get naked and I wont give you a handjob. You will never, ever be allowed to touch Me intimately. You dont deserve that. Dont even ask.

No illegal activity. Many popular BDSM activities (including strap-on and GS) are considered prostitution in New York. Do not ask me for illegal activities. I cannot and will not discuss them with you.

2022 05 23