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10-15 year 's
Please call me on
New York, United States
Activity / Interests
Anal / Strap-On Play
Sensual Tie & Tease
Slave Training
Wax Play
Whipping / Flogging
Torture including CBT
Nipple play and NT
Forced Feminization
Forced Masturbation
Nipple Torture
Sensory Deprivation
Roleplay Fantasies
Puppy / Pony Training
Boot, Shoe & Foot Worship
Chastity Control
Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)
Corporal Punishment (Heavy)
Corporal Punishment (Mild)
Corsets & Lingerie
Face Slapping
Gags & Hoods
Verbal Abuse
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I session in Manhattan/Metro NY, and visit Hartford CT regularly. Contact Me for specifics.


Yes, you've seen me.....

Perhaps it was after an morning hack, with a glass of champagne and tuna tartare, all the while aware of your gazing at my legs...still encased in boots and well worn crop tucked into a bootleg....

Maybe you were that confident looking fellow seated across the room from me one evening at a well-known french restaurant as I enjoyed foie gras with an exceptional 95 sauterne.
You were trying to make eye contact with me while you were entertaining a less interesting female companion.
I pretended to ignore you, all the while making certain you got a good look at my long legs in spiked heels. Perhaps it was you whom I finally gave a sexy but bitchy smile of approval.

Could it have been at the opera this past season? I fondly recall a very distinguished gent sitting next to me who was so distracted by my crossed legs delicately touching his that he missed most of the performance. As he stole a glance of my garter belt peeking just below the slit of my evening dress, I couldnt help but wonder what kinky thoughts raced through his mind as he sat holding his spouse's hand.

 I play in private clubs, upscale boites, and at social events, my attentions geared solely towards sophisticated gentlemen whom like myself, know and appreciate the finer things in life.

That said, let me make it quite clear that Im not an escort, nor will I play the role of your girlfriend. What I am however, is an experienced Dominatrix to whom you can share your deepest fantasies. I will take your mind, body and soul on a sexual journey that if it pleases me will arrive at a destination of extreme and intense pleasure.

Be forewarned that Im very selective, and discretion is of the utmost importance along with trust, honesty,and respect. And of course, I assume you would expect the same from me.

I seek on-going dynamics with a few more subs. I've a busy, well rounded life with an unrelated career...I've only so many hours in the week to indulge myself in bringing men to their knees. Orchestrating your mind and body nourishes me beyond words.....!

Getting to meet me is something you must earn, and which I control....but that's what you want, isn't it? The process begins with you sending an e-mail, telling me something about yourself that will catch my interest. If your response is one of the few that I find creative and interesting, I will reply by e-mail. Perhaps you will be among the fortunate few who'll look forward to the time when I can discreetly play with you in public as a prelude to visiting the fantasies you keep hidden deep within your psyche.

2020 07 13