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Mz Fawn


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Mz Fawn
Mz Fawn
Mz Fawn
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1 year
Please call me on
Washington , United States
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I am a highly sensuous and sensory driven woman who has been so since age 4 or 5. When I was a small child I was extremely visual and stimulated by sound, taste, smell and touch. Compassion mixed with the above traits, plus a sadistic streak made a very interesting childhood for me. Most people thought that I was a very different child and they were correct. I have always felt different then most as well. I like the fact that I am different and pride myself on the fact that I can do what other women only dream about. The fine art of domination is about, power, control and skill. I love the effect that I have on individuals interested in experiencing my skilled hand and mind.

I was raised Catholic and went to a strict Parochial school where the uniforms had to be a certain length; below the knee, where no makeup was allowed and where freedom of speech was unheard of. I also received corporal punishment/discipline as a child while in school thus teaching me to master the art of receiving and well as giving. This is how it all began and why I am this way now. I was highly stimulated by my strict nuns and the euphoric power that they possessed; I would fantasize about wearing a habit and being in control. I was turned on by seeing others spanked, caned and dominated by these sadistic, but loving women. I soon learned that I also had a power and could get others to do what I wanted through mental manipulation and physical power. I was highly attracted to other students and individuals with a certain personality type. This personality type is called a submissive or slave in my world of domination. I still seek a certain personality type to fulfill me and satisfy my need for dominance.

Domination is not particularly a learned behavior, but its deep within a woman who has the desire to do things of physical and mental nature all for their own benefit or mental stimulation that satisfies them to the point of pleasure. I began to make this fine art of domination my hobby while a college co-ed and explored my inner kink fantasies using men and sometimes woman as my subjects. I also wanted to experience the edge of my own psyche.

With all this said, coupled with years of safe, sane and consensual experience, Ive come to love my loyal following and stable of sub missives and slaves. Domination for me is not about whipping, beating or suspending someone in mid air, but it is about me and what I desire to do for a certain effect that satisfies my inner being. Domination to me is world of fantasy where individuals can experience their kinks, passions, and submissiveness free of judgment. When you enter the world of, Fawns Lair, you enter understanding that I may hurt you, but never harm you. I may manipulate you, but never scar you. I may take you on a journey, but you will always land on your feet and when you do youll be mine forever.

In addition if you want to read about me through others perspectives, Ive been published in several national magazines pertaining to this lifestyle and have recently been working on my book, entitled When the Leather Comes Off due for publishing. My articles and interviews can be found at Get Kinky, Celestial Publications, Penthouse Letters and Passion Magazine. I travel extensively and have been known to fly to Paris or London for just pure play time.

About My Lair

Welcome to my wonderful Lair! My Lair is conveniently located between Washington and Baltimore, I am in a very discreet location that sports 3,000 sq. feet of pure heaven! I have six fully equipped theme rooms that entail all of my personal desires and fetishes. I have a facility that will host overnight, weekend and extended sessions which I am famous for! I have many unique pieces that facilitate many sensations of helplessness and total loss of control. Rather than list each and every piece, I will keep you in suspense and make you book a session with me so you can see for yourself! My Lair is truly the best equipped this side of the Mississippi! Many fetishes have been perfected and realized through the unique style that I have which is rare. I view my Lair as a playground to explore and provide the utmost, ultimate experiences relating to Feminine Dominance and control!

2019 10 17